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Doctor Who Season 6 Rewatch: The Impossible Astronaut

Doctor Who Season 6 Rewatch: The Impossible Astronaut

In case an entire list of shows isn’t enough to fill your time between now and the Doctor Who season premiere, there is always the rewatch option. What better way to gear up for the new season than to make sure you’ve got all the facts from Season 6? Let’s start with the first episode, “The Impossible Astronaut.”

We open with Amy and Rory receiving an invitation in a beautiful shade of Tardis blue, which is just about the only thing cooler than retrieving your Hogwarts letter from the beak of an owl. The invitation leads the newlyweds to America, much to the excitement of all the fans on this side of the Atlantic. This episode is also where we see the Stetson for the first time, soon to be just as iconic as the fez.

Not to waste any time, they get right to the most shocking scene of all: the death of the Doctor. This is no simple regeneration as a result of fatal injuries. We’re talking actual death, reiterated by River stating that he was killed in the middle of his regeneration cycle. First off, death by aqua-astronaut is not what any of us had in mind for the final demise of the Doctor. Secondly, it’s obvious that regeneration isn’t an option before River even says anything, strictly because it’s much too soon to introduce a new actor to replace Matt Smith. Thirdly, how can the Doctor actually die? All of this seems, well… impossible.

Needless to say, the crew takes it pretty hard. Amy in particular amps up her sulk factor, and it’s not the first time. Although Amy is a great companion for the most part, she does have a tendency to get a little self-absorbed and borderline possessive of the Doctor. Now before we receive hate mail and death threats, hear us out. She tried to seduce the Doctor right before her wedding to Rory, and while no one can deny the Doctor’s sexiness, it doesn’t say much for her character. There is another huge example of her tendency towards self-centeredness, but let’s leave that for the discussion of episode 10. You wouldn’t want any spoilers, would you?

Now, presented with their Time Lord’s apparent death, Amy seems to give up altogether while Rory and River try to figure out what the Doctor had planned. “Would you two shut up, it doesn’t matter,” she says, as if she’s the only one mourning properly. Um, hello Amy. You’re talking to the Doctor’s wife. If she’s not sulking, then you certainly shouldn't. In contrast, River’s composure makes it that much more heartbreaking when she’s reveals to Rory what she meant by the phrase, “There’s a far worse day coming for me.” River knows one day the Doctor won’t even remember who she is, but she continues to stay strong and follow his exact instructions.

Let’s talk about these sneaky forgettable aliens. They look very much like traditional Area 51 aliens with gigantic heads and adorable 1960’s suits, but function in a way terrifying enough to rival the Weeping Angels themselves. The minute you look away, you forget they even exist. Brilliant, terrifying, and so very Steven Moffat. Turns out these creatures have been on earth for years, living secretly in the forgotten peripheral vision of the human race. Very cool, but did anyone else find it odd that they had a vast underground tunnel system in Florida? You know, swampland, where the water table prohibits people from even having basements in their homes? Must be some impressive extraterrestrial tunneling.

The end of the episode leaves us hanging, and we won’t ruin your day with any spoilers in case some of you aren’t caught up. Where will this wild astronaut chase take us? What does the old Doctor have planned? Who is this child calling President Nixon for help? So many questions, and for once, the young Doctor has no idea what he’s doing! The companions know more than he does, reversing the typical dynamic of the show. Oh, the intrigue! What strange revelations will this season bring?

Are you caught up on Season Six of Dr. Who?

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