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It's Official: You're all MASTERMINDS!

It's Official: You're all MASTERMINDS!

The votes are in and, SUPRISE SUPRISE, a write in candidate wins!

By a huge margin, you all voted in favor of calling yourselves Masterminds. So, ehem... kneel now, if you would, Masterminds and take this eternal pledge:

I swear, by all that is geeky and awesome,
to uphold the honor of The MindHut
to be a proud reader of Tolkien, Asimov, Clarke, and Martin
to forever revel in the smell of new comics and Mylar bags
to stuff my DVR to its data holding limit with episodes of Fringe and Dr. Who
and to find that which is worthy of geeking out-upon in every living moment.

Rise, you honorable souls. You are all now Masterminds! Ride into the nearest gaming store with honor, holding high the shield emblazoned with your new exclamatory statement:


You are the chosen. The wise. The geeks!

What do you think of the new nickname and exclamatory?

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