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Little Known (REAL) May Holidays

Little Known (REAL) May Holidays

Ah, May, you cruel mistress. You regale us in the joyous dances of May Day, watch us swell with pride on Cinco de Mayo, then leave us without reason for cheer until the end of the month, when Memorial Day marks the launch of the barbeque and makes the world safe for white pants. But, wait! What’s that you say? There are other holidays to be celebrated in May? Commemorations ripe for jubilation and notable for their—let’s be honest here—strangeness?

Indeed it’s true: virtually every day in May gives us something to celebrate. Here are a handful of our favorites:

May 12: This Saturday will be a busy day for cat lovers and miniature golfers (and, especially, for cats who love to play miniature golf). It’s National Miniature Golf Day and one of two days pegged as Hug Your Cat Day.

May 15: Three holidays vie for our attention today: National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, National Safety Dose Day and Nylon Stockings Day. Just like drinking and driving don’t mix, it’s advisable to avoid wearing nylon stockings and eating chocolate chip cookies at the same time (especially when driving). If you do, please keep in mind National Safety Dose Day and reading the directions on your package of Keeblers.

May 18: Geeks have to appreciate this one. May 18th is National (nay, International) Virtual Assistant Day. Launched in 2006 by the International Virtual Assistants Association, this six-year old holiday fetes the growing number professionals who brush the toast crumbs from their kitchen table, hike up their jammies and make the world a better place via the internet. Virtual bosses should send virtual roses and a box of virtual chocolates to their virtual assistants.

May 19: The folks who love the horse racing legend Man-O-War and the ocean-going swimmers who are afraid of Sting Rays get together every May 19th to celebrate Man Ray Day. Internet forums around the world burgeon with stories of people who’ve overcome their Sting Ray fears through Myliobatoidei Anonymous while peasant and royalty alike gather on the same turf to pitch horse shoes. Years later, the avante-modernist artist Man Ray co-opted the day and now he gets all the attention.

May 25: It’s No Fry Day. Get it? Friday the 25th is No Fry Day? Heh heh... ehem. It’s pretty clear how to celebrate that. Eat nothing that’s fried (which means eat nothing at all!) It’s also Heat Awareness Safety Day, National Tap Dance Day (tough to celebrate on an empty stomach) and, lo and behold, May 25th is also Geek Pride Day. The mind reels at the thought of millions of geeks showing their pride, all within a 24-hour period.

What's your favorite under appreciated holiday?

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