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The Legend of Korra: 3 Predictions About Episode 6

The Legend of Korra: 3 Predictions About Episode 6

Even if the writers haven’t leaked out this weekend’s episode, it’s possible to predict what will happen. How, ask ye Masterminds? Well, the writer’s have left a lot neglected since last week’s love-fest. Seriously. That episode had so much teenage angst and gut-spilling (not the violent kind), that it’s kind of surprising Amon didn’t show up with flowers professing his love to Korra (“Come, my darling Avatar, join me as an Equalist; an Equalist of love!”) This isn’t a critique; it just means that the writers will have to develop other story lines this week. Here are three things so likely to show up next episode, you can bet your pro-bending winnings on it.

1) A new villain

See that guy with the blow-dried hair and wearing clothes he stole from the set of Twilight? That guy’s named Tahno. At least I think he’s a guy. He is the captain of the White Falls Wolfbats, and the next major nemesis for Korra. With the pro-bending tournament afoot, it is almost guaranteed that we’re going to learn more about this guy, what makes him tick and how powerful of a water bender he really is. Judging by the curvature of his quiff, I’m guessing he’s really powerful.  They should give him his own series. “Avatar: The last Hair Bender.”

2) A new hero

In the next episode, a new hero will develop. No, don’t say goodbye to Korra. But do say hello to Lin Beifong. She has been ignored way too much over the past 5 episodes, and that may be because the writers are preparing to bring her in with a smash. Preferably with rocks. If not her, then it may be Asami. Although that is quite unlikely, given that a) she can’t bend, and b) she could still be evil. The writer’s haven’t really developed her yet, so the possibility remains that she is a wolf in pretty clothing.

3) A new flashback

In this weekend’s episode, there will be a flashback. There has to be. The flashbacks are sure to become a pivotal part of the entire series, and last time it brought up too many questions to ignore. Otherwise, all of that mystique and intrigue will begin to ebb with the introduction of these new elements. Let’s hope we see some of Aang fighting. Who knows what kind of skills decades of practice with air bending allowed him to do.

Oh yea, that’s right: the skill to style Tahno’s hair.

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