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Six Geektastic Spin-Offs that Need to Happen Right Now

Six Geektastic Spin-Offs that Need to Happen Right Now

Spinoffs are usually the worst. Does anyone really want to see that annoying neighbor get twenty-two minutes to sort out his or her issues?


But, there are some underrated and incredibly interesting characters in a handful of Geektastic shows that we think would make for some must see TV. Here are our top six:

1. Molecular Gastronomy with Walter Bishop: Whether dissecting a cadaver or trying to find another gap in the space–time continuum, Walter is often simultaneously cooking. His culinary prowess teeters somewhere between Top Chef quality and something Harold and Kumar might prepare, so he’d probably be the kitchenary equivalent of Bob Ross: some amazing creations with a few ‘happy accidents.’ While Jasika Nicole’s nerd-tastic Astrid and Seth Gabel’s brainy Lincoln Lee are also spin-off worthy, and Anna Torv deserves oodles of accolades, watching Walter Bishop bust out the liquid nitrogen to make ice cream might be the best thing ever.

2. Troy and Abed in the Prime Time: This one is a no-brainer. TV’s most loud and proud geeks, Community’s Abed and Troy are the best onscreen duo since EVER! The majority of the show’s finest moments are a direct result of something these two said or did, and who wouldn’t want to have a sleep over at their apartment? It’s a pop culture nerd’s paradise with pillow forts and endless possibilities. This show wouldn’t necessarily even need a concept, either. Watching Troy and Abed peel carrots would be hilarious.

3. Blutbad to the Bone:This best thing about Grimm from the beginning has been Silas Weir Mitchell’s sarcastic and clean-living blutbad Monroe, so why not give him his own show? A reformed “big bad wolf” gone vegan who swears by Pilates and lives to fix clocks, Monroe’s character doesn’t get enough screen time at present, which is a shame, because Grimm’s other characters aren’t near as smart or interesting. It’s like keeping Doogie Howser in a remedial math class and only letting him talk once in a while. The premise could either be similar to Grimm’s, and he could be a reluctant crime-fighting hero, or we could flashback to Monroe’s past and watch how he transformed from bloodthirsty beast to a cello playing denizen. Either way, the audience wins.

4. Dwangela: Many in the blogosphere have grown tired of The Office. Others are clamoring for a spin-off due to the awesomeness of the entire supporting cast. Jim and Pam are the safe choice, but, (ducking under paper wads being thrown by Jam fans,) cute and perfect for each other doesn’t always equate to great sitcom fodder. But when you put Dwight, the beet farming semi-lunatic with ninja propensities and Angela, the stern, cat-loving neurotic (who also just gave birth to their secret love child!) together and transplant them from the office to his beet farm, well... hilarity is bound to ensue.

5. Walker Stalkin’ with Daryl Dixon: With The Walking Dead on hiatus, wouldn’t it be nice to get our Dix-fix on with everyone’s favorite zombie killing badarse? Some people make necklaces out of macramé or macaroni. Daryl makes them out of zombie ears. Potato, puh-tah-toe.  His character is–at present–absent from the comic books, so it’s perfectly reasonable that this renegade could go off on his own and show us the ways of the butt-kicking zombie survivalist. Whether he went solo, or chose to bring new confidante Carol—the only character who makes his Grinch-sized heart grow—we’d watch Daryl stalk walkers all day long.

6. After Hours with April and Andy: Many geeks know Aubrey Plaza as the frank yet fun Julie Powers in Scott Pilgrim, but her work as April Ludgate on Parks and Recreation is the stuff careers are built on. Together with co-star Chris Pratt, they have created one of TV’s most unique and genuine couples, while remaining fun and kooky enough to illicit laughs regularly. A show in the vein of Mystery Science Theater 3000 or The Soup would be hilarious with these two. Watching them alternately comment on random bits of media would be welcome late-night viewage.

What supporting character do you think needs its own spinoff?

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