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Blogging RPGs: Character Creating

Blogging RPGs: Character Creating

Our intrepid editor, Allison Emm, has joined a D&D campaign. The catch? She's never played before and knows ZILCH about the game! Will she sink or swim? Can she create a compelling character? And will her crush on Batman overshadow her love for the game? All will be revealed this week in Blogging RPG's with Allison Emm!

This week was a shining example of what I have to look forward to. The session was the last in this particular D&D season at Birds of Paradise Games, with the next season starting shortly. I took the opportunity to observe my fellow players and the pace of the game when they are not held back by trying to explain everything to me. Knowing that next week will feature several more newbies like me building characters from scratch, I also picked up a few resources that will help me start my own.

To answer Telemachus2012, we are playing the 4th edition. I had a friend of mine say that it’s not as good as previous editions and not nearly as exciting. Fortunately, I have no idea what he’s talking about either way, because it’s all Greek to me. They are playing 4E at the game shop, so 4E is what I shall learn.  When a bunch of us start building characters for the first time next week, I highly doubt any of us will be in a place to judge. For future reference however, I must ask for the input of our resident Masterminds. What are your thoughts on 4th edition? Does it make much difference for a beginner?

I picked up a copy of the Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook. In much the same way I was drawn to the physical attractiveness of the pre-generated character Keira last week, I definitely spent a few minutes just admiring the pretty pictures in this book. It’s true, that’s not very badass of me, but I’m sure Wayne Reynolds and Rob Alexander are glad that I appreciate their cover art. Next I perused the Character Creation pages to get an idea of what to expect at the next session. At first glance, I am intrigued most by the Eladrin, half-elves, and Tieflings, strictly based on their initial description. What character races do you prefer and why?

As I mentioned in my first RPG post, I tend to lean towards stealthy classes due to my time spent on World of Warcraft and the loyalty I still feel for my old character. There’s just something sexy about hiding in the shadows to gain tactical advantage like Batman (I have a major crush on Batman). That in mind, I’m going to gravitate toward Rogues and Rangers. However, I was advised to keep an open mind, choosing two to three classes to consider in case the group has too many of the same kind. This is where I’m more than just beginner clueless. In every game with multiple classes I’ve ever played, I’ve gone for a rogue. Once, I opted for a priest on WoW, but mostly because it was a sure shot to get into a dungeon group on a regular basis. It certainly wasn’t because I knew how to level a healer properly, and I barely passed as a healer on the aforementioned dungeons. What classes should I go for this time? What would compliment the character races mentioned above?

Another handy tool I purchased was Dungeons & Dragons for Dummies. It covers pretty much the same basic principles as the handbook, but approaches it in the casual style typical of most Dummies books.  Fresh meat like me can appreciate the witty encouragement and humorous illustrations, as well as the fact that no question seems too silly when reading through this book. What other resources do you recommend for creating characters for the first time?

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