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Six Reasons Lego Hair Is Better Than Regular Hair

Six Reasons Lego Hair Is Better Than Regular Hair

Legos. The little plastic blocks have been entertaining kids for generations. Who hasn’t reveled in the delight of building their very own Lego creation from scratch? Now there’s a unique new use for Legos. It’s sustainable, it’s recyclable, it’s fashionable – it’s Lego hair! Here’s a quick list of reasons why Lego hair is better than regular hair.

1. It's Weatherproof: No matter the weather – dry, humid, raining, breezy – you’ll never have a bad hair day. Lego hair is built to stand up to the most extreme weather conditions. Except, of course, tornadoes. (Seriously though, folks, if you’re in the middle of a tornado you’ve got bigger problems than your hair getting messy.)

2. No More Baldness: Let’s be honest. Those hair-replacement schemes you see on late night TV look sketchy and most don’t work. What could be cooler than replacing the hair you used to have with whatever hair you want? Expensive infomercial products AND baldness are now a thing of the past. Lego hair has got you covered – figuratively and literally.

3. It's Color Coordinated: No more shelling out the big bucks at the salon to get your hair that glorious shade of red, blue or cotton candy pink. You can mix and match your hair to suit your outfit. Just pick out the shade of Lego hair you want to wear, click it into place and you’re ready to walk out the door.

4. It's Versitile: Lego hair looks awesome on everyone. Mom, Dad, your siblings, even the pets! What feline or canine family member wouldn’t look adorbs sporting a little Lego hairstyle of their own? Plus, it doubles as pet identification! Forget those silly, out of date pet tags. Who else’s pet is going to have a lime green beehive or a bright pink Mohawk?

5. It's Streamlined: Say goodbye to styling tools! With Lego hair, there’s no need for the seventy million different hairdryers, curling wands, and flat irons currently jostling for space in the bottom drawer of your bathroom vanity. Stop buying all those super fancy shampoos and conditioners your hairdresser tries to upsell. With Lego hair, once it’s built there’s no maintenance. Think of all the cool stuff you can buy with all that extra cash now that you’re not spending it on your mane’s upkeep. Your Lego hair always looks fabulous, and you’re richer than ever. It’s a win-win scenario.

6. No. More. Scrunchies: Scrunchies are the devil’s hair tie. Lego hair means no more scrunchies. Aside from endless kitten videos on You Tube, cake for dinner, or Andrea from The Walking Dead finally dying a horrible, zombie-filled death, what’s better than total scrunchie annihilation? Nothing.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why Lego hair is awesome. A word of advice, though – always build your Lego hair from scratch. This will help you avoid Duplo-style clip on hair. It’s the Lego version of the mullet, and no one with any fashion sense wants a mullet. Say no to mullets!

Would you wear Lego hair?

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