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5 Reasons Eureka Isn't Coming Back to Syfy

5 Reasons Eureka Isn't Coming Back to Syfy

Apparently the Syfy show Eureka only attracts about 1.5 million viewers or less per episode—not too shabby, but not enough; this will be the last season to air on Syfy. Initially, we was shocked that more people are not rabid fans for this quirky comedy. Then we realized:

5. There's not enough interpersonal drama. To the enlightened viewer, this aspect could be an attraction: the show does not pander to melodramatic sympathies constitutive of the bulk of America that watches Grey's Anatomy and its spinoff, Private Practice, almost religiously.  Instead, the force of the show is its reliance on accurately portraying scientific concepts. (Albeit in absurd forms: in one episode, Jack is able to resist flying into a black hole by hanging onto his Jeep, which may or may not having special powers akin to Kenny from South Park.) Anyway, any attempts at dramatic interlude or logical plot development are eschewed in favor of mind-bending experiments and techno-dew-hickeys. While this awesome, it partly explains why the show doesnt have wider appeal.

4. Plot development is hard to follow. It seems like every season someone travels through time, or is captured in the Matrix, or was dreaming. Plot twists occur almost every episode, and in some cases you dont know there was a plot twist until the  "Last time on Eureka..." portion of the opening credits. It seems like they always add some minor detail before the episode that shifts the story line significantly. Dr. Who fans may be used to this, but certainly not Snookie fans.

3. The primary love interest is not compelling anymore. In the first two seasons, even the scientifically-minded viewer wanted Jack and Allison to get together. By the third season, we, at least, were over it. By the time they finally got together, we just wanted more science.

2. They killed off Nathan Stark. He came back in season 4, but he was just a dream, or rather an hallucination brought on to test Carter's feelings for Allison. This guy embodied what all geeks dream themselves to be: built, athletic, handsome, get the girl, unbelievably brilliant and determined. (We may have a little Stark crush...) He de-atomized when venturing into touch "the artifact," and we never get to see what happened! Despite the wonderful and absurd scientific creativity of the writers, the loss of this icon may have sent some hopeful geeks back to Dr. Who or Firefly.

1. It's about science. Science fiction has historically been a niche genre. It seems like the tide may be turning, though, with science becoming "cool" due to a variety of movies, TV shows, and the realization that other countries may one day "out-science" the US, if they haven't already.  Unfortunately, science doesn't sell unless the lead is a jerk (like House) or a plastic surgeon, like McDreamy.

Why do you think Eureka fails to capture our imaginations?

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