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Community's "Inspector Spacetime" Spoof Could Get a Dr. Who Infusion

Community's "Inspector Spacetime" Spoof Could Get a Dr. Who Infusion

If you're a fan of NBC's amazing sitcom Community, you've no doubt noticed its oft-referenced, thinly-veiled Dr. Who parody Inspector Spacetime, Abed Nadir's favorite TV show, about a time/space-travelling Brit who fights evil robot Blorgons and is hilarious. Fun fact: Inspector Spacetime actually began its life as a way to insert Dr. Who fanfiction into Community, though this was quickly let go due to legal ramifications (Community showrunner Dan Harmon revealed this information in a panel at this year's Wondercon). More fun fact: Karen Gillan, who plays Dr. Who's companion Amy Pond in the ACTUAL Dr. Who, loves Community… and would love a part on its loving Dr. Who tribute.

In a May 15 interview with BBC America, Gillan professed her true feelings for Community and revealed that she'd totally be game for a part on the show. If you caught Community's incredible "Virtual Systems Analysis" a few weeks ago, you know that Inspector Spacetime already has a companion in the form of Constable Reggie, often played by Troy (Donald Glover), or just that one time Annie (Alison Brie). But there's no denying how awesome it would be to have an actual Dr. Who presence on Community… although that pesky legal matter might get in the way again.

Watch Gillan's short interview with BBC America on YouTube below, then let us know what you think she should do if she DID get cast on Community. Would her and Troy duke it out to be Inspector Spacetime's true companion, or could Dan Harmon and co. have something even more awesome in store? (and don't forget, "blogon" means "thank you" in Blorgon!).

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