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New True Blood Trailer

New True Blood Trailer

For those of you going through Bon Temps withdrawal, fret no more. Season five of True Blood premieres June 10, and the latest trailer is full of intriguing glimpses at the upcoming season. Let's take a look at the trailer, shall we:

-Christopher Meloni joins the cast as someone with strong ties to the previously mentioned but yet unseen Authority. “We are the authority... I AM the authority,” he says. Okay... that’s vague (because what does that really tell us?) but it’s also terrifying (because he truly sounds terrifying. We are still driven to nightmares by his work in OZ, so we can only imagine what treachery he’s up to here). Regardless, this casting decision is exciting!

-It seems obvious that Russell will play a significant part this season, as the vampire king of Louisiana returns for what promises to be some tasty revenge. Bill and Eric apparently want to recruit Sookie and her explosive fairy-light-magic to assist them in their fight against him.  We worry more for those connected to this dynamic trio (Jessica, Jason, Pam) then we do for the trio themselves, because it’s just Russell’s style to go after the loved ones of those who wronged him. Look at what he did to that poor newscaster, and he didn’t even know that guy.

-“Humans should be farmed like cattle,” says Fellowship of the Sun leader-turned-vampire Steve Newlin. Uh, that sounds swell! Last we saw, he was ready to pounce on Jason, and now we see him fighting Jessica, so it’s safe to assume that their paths will all cross this season. We’re wondering exactly how, though, and what the former Reverend wants from Jason and Jessica.

-Speaking of those two, it looks like Jessica is still on the prowl and/or feeding on people in bathroom stalls, so it doesn’t seem like her relationship with Jason is evolving all that much.

-We see Sookie crying while cradling Tara, and then we see no more of Tara after that, so it’s looking more and more like Tara did die in the finale at the hands of crazy she-wolf Debbie. We were hoping maybe vampire Bill or Eric would swoop in and save her, and maybe we would have vampire Tara, but it doesn’t look like Sookie’s feisty best friend is going to be around this season. Bummer. We’ll miss her if she’s gone.

-The notion of humans rising up against vampires is mentioned, which seems like a new way to harken back to the strong anti-vampire sentiments of the first season. This could either be a fresh new take on a tired subject, or it could be a veteran series rehashing old material to little effect. Time will tell, but we’re intrigued by the ways this could divide our favorite characters.

-Our one glimpse of Sam shows him shirtless and tied to a thick wooden post. That doesn’t look good. We also get more glimpses of bloody corpses than we do shots of Jason or Lafayette, so their paths are still very uncertain.

What did you think of the new True Blood trailer?

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