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Spankin' New 4 Minute Spider-Man Preview

Spankin' New 4 Minute Spider-Man Preview

We haven't been this excited for a new super hero movie since... well... Avengers.

But still! This four minute extended preview proves one thing for sure: Spiderman is back and true to form.

As expected, the movie restarts the Spider-Man saga from the beginning. It is not clear from exactly how he becomes Spidey, but this new iteration is at least true to form in one respect: the webbing is technological, not biological.

The villain is Doc Connors. In the previous films, Connors was Peter's professor at Columbia, but in this new version Peter is high school and Connors seems to be working at Oscorp. We can only expect that there is a package deal with the future films and that the Green Goblin story will come into play somewhere down the line. We'll take anything over the pitiful attempt at a Venom storyline in the last McGuire Spider-Man movie.

Another nice touch: this preview begins with Spidey giving his mask to a kid about to die in a car accident. This is the right approach to the story, as Peter's strength is only enhanced by genetic intervention rather than absolutely endowed.

Do you think this Spider-Man will be better than the last franchise?

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