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Doctor Who Season 6 Rewatch: Day of the Moon

Doctor Who Season 6 Rewatch: Day of the Moon

We pick up with the typical Tardis crew on the run from none other than Canton Everett Delaware III. Canton, previously thought to be an ally in the episode before, mysteriously showed up to assist in the Doctor’s proper Viking funeral. Later, his younger self appeared alongside President Nixon in the Oval Office.

Then, a fair number of us geeked out upon realizing that the actor playing Canton is Mark Sheppard, also known as Badger from Firefly, Benedict Valda from Warehouse 13, and Romo Lampkin from Battlestar Galactica. Now, he’s hunting down the good guys of Doctor Who like fugitives, while the Doctor is already in custody.

The ruse, as it turns out to be, brings everyone together inside the Doctor’s impenetrable holding cell, which serves as the ultimate secret meeting place. Even the guards have no idea what’s going on inside, which is precisely the point. This mission is so confidential, even secret agents can’t know about these secrets. Clever as always, the Doctor has parked the Tardis inside, providing their invisible escape route.

Now, about those attractive black marks that have been appearing all over the companions’ bodies. It seems the gang has come up with a handy little system to track encounters with the Silence, the race of forcibly forgettable aliens that have inhabited the earth for centuries by slipping out of our memories. Each time they see one, they make a mark. That way, when they drop their gaze and forget what they’ve seen, evidence of the encounter is always visible. Leave it to Steven Moffat to come up with yet another terrifying creature that makes us afraid to shut our eyes. Thankfully, however, the Doctor comes up with a slightly more convenient system once they are all inside the Tardis. He implants a recorder in the palm of each of his cronies that can be activated with a single touch. Now instead of a series of bad tattoos, they have auditory proof. Not only will they know they’ve seen one, but they will also know what the creature said.

As if these creeper aliens aren’t disturbing enough, team Tardis finds out that the Silence are capable of post-hypnotic suggestion. Basically, they can give a command to a human within that block of forgotten time during the encounter, and then that poor bloke will obey later on and not have the slightest clue why. Wouldn’t that almost be a good thing to find out? Think about all the atrocities that litter the history of humankind. Perhaps in the world of Doctor Who, those things could be blamed on alien brainwashing. Just imagine the relief we’d feel if no earthling could be blamed for tyranny, war, rigged elections, popup ads, The Twilight Saga, and Jersey Shore!

Amy and Canton take off to find for the mysterious child seemingly trapped in an astronaut suit. Their search brings them to an abandoned orphanage, the caretaker of which has more than a few screws loose. The walls are smeared with the words, “Get out, leave now,” the wall paint is peeling, and the caretaker has no idea what year it is. Oh, and there are tons of aliens asleep, hanging from the ceiling in an upstairs room. Amy is captured, and her only way to communicate with the Doctor and Rory is through is the palm recorder she left behind, which is now functioning as a one way radio.  She speaks in tearful sobs, oddly reminiscent of the “ghosting” phenomena from the Season 4 episode, “Silence in the Library.” Before she is taken, however, she finds a famed picture of herself with a baby in one of the bedrooms, just before encountering the astronaut child herself.

Fortunately, this episode takes place on July 20, 1969, which means most of the entire world is glued to their gigantic bunny-eared television sets watching the moon landing. The Doctor takes the opportunity to hijack the broadcast and show the world an image of one of the aliens, along with a post-hypnotic suggestion to kill them on sight. Now, the human race will defeat these parasites without even knowing it, then forget all about it.

Unanswered Questions:

  • Is Amy pregnant or not? Even the Tardis can’t tell.
  • Who is the astronaut child and why is she important? And she regenerates like a Time Lord!

Favorite Tidbits:

  • The friendly stabs at Americans for being trigger happy.
  • Arthur Darvill in a 60’s suit and nerd glasses.
  • “You’ve got a screwdriver, go build a cabinet!” – River

Most heartbreaking moment:

  • The Doctor’s first kiss/River Song’s last.

Did you like this episode of Doctor Who?

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