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Animal Man and Swamp Thing Will Have a Crossover in "Rotworld"

Animal Man and Swamp Thing Will Have a Crossover in "Rotworld"

Ever since the beginning of DC Comics’ “The New 52,” Swamp Thing writer Scott Snyder and Animal Man writer Jeff Lemire have teased fans with a crossover between what might possibly be the strongest (and unnervingly chilling) entries in the entire DC reboot. And, at long last, the wait is nearly over. Come issue #12 of both titles, Swamp Thing and Animal Man will be facing their mutual nemesis The Rot in the “Rotworld” crossover event.

The DC Comics solicitations naturally didn’t give much away regarding the crossover event save for the fact that it will be running across both titles. For now, though, DC gave us something to temporarily sate our fanboy and fangirl appetites with a spectacular preview image sure to get you excited!

From what we at The MindHut can tell, it looks like Buddy Baker will finally be donning his proper (and totally spiffy) Animal Man costume... with the shades and jacket from the Grant Morrison-era now, regrettably, a thing of the past. As for Swamp Thing’s side, those Swamp Thing kids certainly raise plenty of interesting questions. For instance, now that S.T. is the last warrior of his kind, is he now bestowing the power of The Green upon a new generation to ensure the future of the plant world, or are they the offspring of the currently deceased Parliament of Trees? What do you guys think?

We’re going to have to wait until August for answers to these questions and more, but if the teaser image is anything to go by, the “Rotworld” event is shaping up to be horrifyingly good!

Are you looking forward to this crossover?

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