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Community Recap: Troy and Abed Shooting Lava!

Community Recap: Troy and Abed Shooting Lava!

NBC gave us a treat this week, airing Community’s final three episodes of the season in one night. We decided to do a 3-in-1 recap, in case any of you masterminds missed any masterful moments! Here's the gist of what you missed.


The first episode was a hilarious Journey to the Center of the Earth knockoff. In order to help Pierce win his father’s estate, the study group must play and win a video game Pierce’s father created. Naturally, Abed and Troy jump at the sight of the multi-player gaming interface, while Pierce seems to think an actual handgun might help.

Breaking Bad alum Giancarlo Esposito guest stars as Gilbert, the half-brother Pierce never knew. Gilbert is also playing, and says that if Pierce is to win, they’ll have to defeat him, as well. Not a problem, because Abed meets Hilda, a woman within the game who helps them. Together, they make an army of baby Abeds, who overthrow Pierce’s father, the game’s chief antagonist and the man clearly responsible for Pierce’s racist tendencies. Pierce wins, but they forfeit, because Gilbert deserves it—his life has been way harsher than Pierce’s. Watching the gang as video game characters and all the clever asides (like jumpers vs. walkers, for instance) made this an instant classic.


Then, the gang decides to rescue Dean Pelton from Chang and his playground posse, who have the scariest preteen faces since Children of the Corn. The real dean is locked in the basement of the cafeteria, and to save him, they’ll need the help of the air conditioning repair folk—who will only assist if Troy agrees to enroll in their program.

They plan an “elaborate heist,” which includes Jeff dressing like an 80s hair band magician, Troy and Abed pretending to be Mario and Luigi-esque plumbers, and Britta rescuing the real dean, who has gone all Castaway and fashioned a “Jeffrey” doll to talk to. They save the dean, but then run smack into Chang, who applauds them sarcastically. Chang tells them that he has stocked tons of fireworks in the records room, and he’s going to set them off during an awesome keytar solo he’s playing at his upcoming birthday party. They stop him, of course, but not before Troy agrees to join the AC repair team. The episode ends with him leaving the group.


Chang, having fled after his plot failed, is now hiding out in the vents, and the real dean is back spreading cheer. He tells Shirley that there’s a spot for her sandwich shop in the cafeteria kiosk. This delights everyone, until Pierce wants control of the restaurant because he’s funding it. This leads to a case in Greendale court, with Dean Pelton presiding as judge.

Meanwhile, without Troy, Abed’s so down that his Freud-bearded alter ego, Evil Abed, returns to mess with Britta and spread destruction. In a delightful scene, he hangs up someone’s phone, pops a kid’s balloon with his cigarette, and tosses the butt in a woman’s coffee. He then heads to court to cut Jeff’s arm off.

Troy misses Abed too, but he gets caught up in a power struggle in the AC annex. John Goodman is back as Vice Dean Laybourne, and when his character is killed during a freak freon line accident, Troy suspects foul play and successfully brings down the killer in a sun chamber showdown. Back in court, Jeff sways judge, jury, Pierce and Evil Abed with one of his trademark inspirational speeches, and they reunite with Troy. We get glimpses of a few potential plotlines for next year, like Jeff searching for his father (!) and, oh, yeah—we see that Starburns is still alive after faking his death!

We hate that we have to wait all summer for more Community, but at least these three episodes gave us lots to savor!


“He once sat on me in church so he could see better.” –Gilbert, describing how his father treated him.

“We don’t hack and slash our way through life because we’re one with life.” –Britta, on women.

“Peachy keen, Avril Lavigne.”—Chang, playing off a bad situation.

“I’m the center slice of a square cheese pizza. You’re Jim Belushi.” –Evil Abed, to Britta.

“Damn those facebook privacy settings!” –Shirley, after embarrassing info was revealed about her in court.

Judging Amy, or Judge Judy?” Dean Pelton, asking which judges’ robe he should wear.

What were your favorite moments from this week’s trifecta?

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