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4 Books to Help You Through a Zombie Uprising

4 Books to Help You Through a Zombie Uprising

I'm sure you wonder (as we all do from time to time) what you'd do if the world fell apart and there was a zombie attack. Would you be one of the first victims? Would you fight back, but eventually succumb to the brain-eating menace? Would you be a leader or follower? These are all important questions to think about when considering the inevitable zombie infestation, because make no mistake—the zombie uprising IS coming and THEY WILL EAT OUR BRAINS. There are many books that can help you through this ordeal, but here are just a few to pick up.

Warm Bodies - Isaac Marion

Want to get into the mind of a zombie, to understand what they're really thinking (or perhaps not thinking) in order to prepare you for the zombie war? Warm Bodies is about a teenage zombie named R, a guy who has some problems. The world has been destroyed, ravaged by his kind, but he wants something more out of life than eating brains. After he snacks on a fellow teen boy, he internalizes his memories and starts having feelings for his victim's girlfriend.

The Passage - Justin Cronin

There has been debate about whether the creepy denizens of Justin Cronin's The Passage are zombies or vampires, but most who have read the book recognize the mindless automatons as our brain-eating frenemies (except they don't actually eat brains). The book centers on a virus, a cure for human mortality, found deep in the Amazon jungle. The U.S. Army sets up  a secret testing base in Colorado where they experiment on people. You can see where this is going, and it's not to anywhere good. The book's told in two different time periods, our present, and the zombie-infested future and has a sequel coming out soon.

This is Not a Test - Courtney Summers

What would you do if you watched your world crumble around you? If one day, people just started getting sick and dying, and then becoming undead and infecting others? It sounds funny, yes, but Courtney Summers' zombie novel treats the subject with the seriousness it deserves. Sloane is one of a handful of survivors of a zombie outbreak, all teenagers, and the group has barricaded itself inside the local high school and is waiting for rescue. As they fight amongst themselves and begin to turn on each other, Sloane wonders if there's anything even out there anymore, or if this is all that's left.

Feed - Mira Grant

Feed is a zombie novel with a very interesting twist—it focuses on bloggers and their relationship to the government and political establishment. The year is 2039, and though the world is infested with zombies, they haven't quite destroyed the planet or civilization as we know it. Bloggers Georgia and Shaun are invited to cover a presidential candidate's political campaign, but when zombies attack (and you know they will because they're zombies), the two find themselves over their head, knee-deep in conspiracy and the plague that started the whole mess.

What will you read when the zombie apocalypse happens?

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