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7 Summer Shows We Can't Wait For

7 Summer Shows We Can't Wait For

It’s never easy to decipher which new shows will be hits and which will miss entirely, but this summer’s TV landscape looks promising. There’s a little something for everybody, at least 3 BSG alumni have new shows, and you’ll never be lacking for something to watch on a Sunday night! Here are some new shows we think might be worth checking out, along with premiere dates for some returning faves.

1. Comedy Bang! Bang!—Based on the podcasts of the same name, creator Scott Aukerman (Between Two Ferns, Mr. Show) puts his unique spin on the late night talk show format. Reggie Watts (Conan) will be the bandleader, and Aukerman will have hosting duties, which include mock interviews, various sketches, and a few filmed shorts with some improvisation thrown in for good measure. Celebrity guests include Michael Cera, Zach Galifianakis, and Seth Rogen. (IFC, premieres Friday, June 8 @ 10 PM)

2. Longmire—Early previews of Longmire make it look like two parts Justified mixed with one part Law & Order and one part Life. Based on the books by Craig Johnson, the show stars Australian actor Robert Taylor (The Matrix) as Longmire, a sheriff whose honor and bravery would move Ned Stark. He hides the pain of losing his wife by delving into his work, where his new deputy, played by Katee Sackhoff (aka Kara ‘Starbuck’ Thrace!) assists him. That, to be honest, is the series’ primary draw: it will be nice to see Starbuck kicking butt again. Let’s just hope there are no cylons in the wild west! (A&E, premieres Sunday, June 3 @ 10 PM)

3. Copper—BBC America’s first original scripted series, Copper is set in New York City during the tumultuous times of the Civil War. It stars Tom Weston-Jones as Kevin Corcoran, a cop trying to find out who killed his daughter and kidnapped his wife. Conflicts ensue when Corcoran’s two compatriots enter the picture. Described on the show’s webpage as: “the wayward son of a wealthy industrialist and an African-American physician who secretly assists Corcoran with his detective work,” the three “share a secret from their experience on the battlefield that inextricably links their lives forever.”  Sounds complicated. And intriguing. And when has BBCA ever disappointed us? (BBCA, premieres Sunday, Aug. 19 @ 9 PM)

4. Twenty Twelve—For those who love British humor, this show should not disappoint. Starring Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey) and narrated by David Tennant (the 10th doctor on Doctor Who,) this comedy is set around the London Olympics, and follows the crew responsible for making the Olympics go off without a hitch. Early word suggests its mockumentary style and witty ensemble are comparable to the British version of The Office. (BBCA, premieres Saturday, June 30 @ midnight)

5. Perception—According to TNT, this show is about “an eccentric neuroscience professor with paranoid schizophrenia who is recruited by the FBI to help solve complex cases.” Sounds like an interesting premise, especially when considering its creators are Star Trek Voyager vets Mike Sussman and Kenneth Biller. Perception stars Eric McCormack in the lead role, and features BSG’s Jamie Bamber and Giordi LaForge himself, LeVar Burton, in recurring roles. (TNT, premieres Monday, July 9 @ 10 PM)

6. The Great Escape—The buzz online suggests this show could be hit or miss. On one hand, it has cool things like huge castles and sunken ships, and one of its producers is Ron Howard. On the other, it’s an action/adventure reality show where people compete for money. Three groups try to extricate themselves from certain buildings / situations every week, facing various obstacles and roadblocks along the way. Again, this could be way cool, or totally uncouth. At the very least, we’re curious. (TNT, premieres Sunday, June 24 @ 10 PM)

7. Major Crimes—While this spin-off of The Closer isn’t our typical fare, we’re including it for one reason: the BSG factor. Mary McDonnell (BSG’s President Roslin) is back as another firm but fair woman in charge, Sharon Raydor, the chief of police in the LAPD. The show isn’t for everyone, to be sure, but if we get a little nostalgic for President Ros, it’s nice to know where we can find her! (TNT, premieres Monday, Aug. 13 @ 10 PM)

What TV shows are you looking forward to this summer?

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