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Grimm Finale Recap: "Woman In Black"

Grimm Finale Recap: "Woman In Black"

The episode opens with a quote from Sleeping Beauty, which immediately lets us know that things are going to get hairy, and quickly:

It shall not be death, but a sleep of a hundred years, into which the princess shall fall.”

Hank awakens from a nightmare. It seems he’s still suffering some intense after-affects from his encounters last episode—seeing a Grimmverse creature change in front of his eyes and bumping into a wolfed-out Blutbad. Let’s hope his healthcare plan covers Grimmverse-triggered-PTSD.

Meanwhile over cups of tea at a local café, Nick and Monroe are deep in conversation. They don’t notice the private investigator taking surveillance photos of them. Back at his hotel, the P.I. calls his client to inform him that our favorite Grimm peeps have been located, and it’s chamomile all around. When the client arrives at the hotel he’s not interested in retaining the shutterbug’s services and monsters up, terminating him permanently. Then, a mysterious hooded figure turns up and discovers the P.I.’s body.

Adalind, AKA Impotent Zombie Girl, is back and she’s up to her usual level of eeevil. She pulls a potion out of a box with the phrase Phialas Irae inscribed on the lid. Fixing her cat a bowl of milk, she adds some of the potion for good measure. My Latin is pretty rusty, but I’m fairly certain Phialas Irae doesn’t mean “good kitty”. Later in the episode, Adalind shows up at Juliette’s veterinary practice with Evil Kitty. Adalind tells Juliette that Evil Kitty is out of sorts. Evil Kitty then proves it by going Dark Willow and attacking Juliette, scratching her on the hand.

Back at the hotel, the cops find the P.I.'s dead body. Nick finds a key to the private investigator’s rental car and discovers camera equipment and the photos he has taken. Nick and Hank try to call Captain Renard, but he’s not answering his cell. The mysterious hooded woman surfaces again and walks past just as they show up at the Captain’s apartment to check on him.

At home, Juliette wants to forget all about her cat scratch blues by going out for a romantic dinner with Nick. Nick asks about the cat scratch and Juliette tells him it was Adalind’s cat that scratched her. Nick tries to convince her that it’s more than just a cat scratch, telling Juliette that Adalind is a witch. Understandably, Juliette balks at this information and tells Nick she isn’t going anywhere until he tells her why he’s acting crazy. Nick says, “You want the truth? You’re gonna get it.”

It’s the final scene of the episode that gives us the biggest surprise in the show’s history to date. Nick arrives home to find Akira Kimura—the man who hired the private eye to find Nick—ransacking the house.  The men fight, and just as Nick has the jump on Akira, the mysterious hooded woman arrives at at the house. After briefly sparring with a surprised Nick, she illustrates she has moves that could outwit even the most agile of Grimms.  She lunges at Akira, shoving Nick out of the way. She stabs Akira in the chest with a crossbow bolt, killing him.  After a moment’s pause, the mystery woman turns to a dazed Nick, and says:

“Nick? Nicky? It’s me.”

A bewildered Nick replies, “Mom?”

Just as that bombshell is dropped, the screen cuts to black.

Earlier in the season both casual watchers and fans alike weren’t entirely convinced that Grimm could deliver the goods. This explosive season finale definitively puts to rest any such notions. Like the previous episode, this one is solidly written, expertly paced and action-packed. However, it’s strength lies in that the episode’s big surprises are revealed slowly. The fact that the writers were able to keep the episode’s ultimate big reveal a secret is to be commended. With this thrilling season finale, Grimm proves that it is the one new show—fantasy or otherwise—we need to keep watching.

Episode Highlights

-Monroe, on trying to figure out a way to sedate Evil Kitty: “If you don’t have any animal drugs that’ll do it, a two-by-four would be fine by me.”

-The discovery of Sleeping Beauty’s identity.

-The return of Adalind and Rosalee.

-The jaw dropping big reveals. Plural.

-Finding out that we only have to wait until late summer for Season 2.

Did you guess the mysterious hooded woman’s identity before the end of the episode, or was the big reveal a total surprise?

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