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The 6 Most Disgusting Video Game Characters

The 6 Most Disgusting Video Game Characters

Like any good piece of literature, there are plenty of elements that must come together in order to create an enjoyable video game experience. Of these various elements, having multi-faceted and engaging characters are what allow players to get emotionally invested in the story and gameplay. They make us either laugh, cry, or... get nauseous and want to throw up?


It’s true, video game characters come in three distinct categories: the heroic, the villainous, and the downright disgusting. This of course begs the question: Which ones turn even the most iron-stomached of us at The MindHut into a Mt. Vesuvius of puke at the mere sight of them alone? Hope you didn’t just finish a big meal, because you’re about to find out!

6) Giant Moth (Resident Evil 2)

Let’s break this down. All insects, moths included, have exoskeletons; skeletons outside their bodies. Gross. Moths have furry bodies, meaning that, technically, they have furry skeletons. Really gross. The giant moths from Resident Evil 2 are, hence the name, gigantic, increasing the disgusting factor exponentially. Add to that their poison-spitting ability and the unnerving and erratic sound of their wings flapping, and it’s a veritable buffet of blech. Frankly, we at The MindHut would take hordes of rotting zombies over giant moths any day of the week!

5) Hagravens (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)

Hagravens are just like that grouchy and crazy old lady that lives in your neighborhood, except that they have more feathers and they dabble in dark magic. Described as reeking of death and decay, carrying the Brain Rot disease, and having the bad habit of leaving the leftovers from their sacrificial rituals thrown about on the floor like the uncultured swine they are, it’s safe to say that Hagravens do not make good roommates (why you'd want to shack up with one, we honestly can’t say). But the worst Hagraven of them all is Moira, who desires nothing more than to marry your character and spend the rest of her life with you in eternal bliss! So, where are you two lovebirds registered for gifts?

4) Boogerman (Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure)

Quite possibly a pioneer in disgusting and unhygienic video game characters, Boogerman broke barriers and paved the way for more characters of his kind to come. By day, Boogerman is mild-mannered custodian Sam Leuck. But, when duty calls, our man Sam dons a pair of ill-fitting green tights and carries an arsenal of freshly picked boogers ready to be flicked at those foolish enough to oppose him! But to say that Boogerman only uses snots as his weapon of choice is a misconception and a grave understatement of his repertoire of abilities. For all those moments when a booger just doesn’t cut it, a well-aimed concussive fart gets the job done—and inspires fear in the hearts of the evil.

3) Zill (The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker)

Can you name the most vile and heartless character in the entire Legend of Zelda series? Ganon, you say? Nope. While Ganon may be the epitome of evil, at least he has the decency to not let his snots dangle from his nostrils like a Christmas ornament... unlike a certain someone named Zill! Just one of the few denizens that reside on Link’s home of Outset Island, Zill is a nasty little brat that loves to let the mucus flow freely from his nose and snort it back up only to resume the nauseating act once more. In retrospect, maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing that Link’s sister was kidnapped by a giant bird, forcing him to leave his home behind and undertake the quest to rescue her. Hey, it got him away from Zill, right?

2) Boomer (Left 4 Dead series)

Whoever designed the Boomer for the Left 4 Dead series must have had a terrible—yet artistically inspiring—experience with the customer base at an all-you-can-eat buffet . Boomer is basically a giant, bloated, sweaty pimple with legs that seriously needs a new pair of pants. Preferably one with an elastic waistband. Just because you count yourself among the ranks of the Infected is no excuse to be stingy and have no pride in one’s appearance. But the Boomer can’t be all that disgusting since, by the second installment of the series, our corpulent friend found love in the form of a female counterpart (also named Boomer). Boomer and She-Boomer sittin’ in a tree, v-o-m-i-t-i-n-g! Hold on... wouldn’t the tree branch snap from the stress of such immense weight?

1) The Great Mighty Poo (Conker’s Bad Fur Day)

To say that the Great Mighty Poo is anything less than the #1 most disgusting video game character is an insult of the highest degree! Unlike everyone else on this list, the Great Mighty Poo doesn’t let the fact that he’s a sickening pile of, well, poo get in the way of his sense of decorum and trademark operatic basso profundo that would even put the Three Tenors to shame. Maybe if he wasn’t so determined on making life miserable for the dung beetles trying to eke out a living on Poo Mountain, he’d consider using his mastery of opera to entertain the masses. True, that tuxedo you rented from Men’s Warehouse for the event would end up smelling like a porta potty, but the memories of the emotionally stirring performance would last a lifetime. The Great Mighty Poo, a paradoxical being that combines both artistic beauty and human waste. Majestic...

Which other video game characters do you think are the most disgusting?

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