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Unlikely Actors We'd Like To See Play Vampires

Unlikely Actors We'd Like To See Play Vampires

With the recent and somewhat surprising announcement that Christopher Meloni of Law & Order: SVU fame has joined the cast of True Blood, we started thinking about other actors who have played vampires. Christopher Walken has done it. So has the man behind Pee-wee Herman, Paul Reubens. Johnny Depp is currently starring as a vampire in Dark Shadows. While these actors are all good choices, they're not terribly surprising ones. Which actors would make the most unusual or unlikely choices? Here’s our list:

Daniel Day-Lewis

He’s played a butcher, an oilman, a boxer, and he’s about to play our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln. We’d love to see him as a vampire because he would take what could be played as a silly or throwaway role and turn it on its head. He’s a renowned method actor, often going to incredible lengths to prepare. Dude is so method he’d probably wind up getting fangs installed and sleeping in a coffin for a year as part of his preparation for the role.

Neil Patrick Harris

Today’s audiences know him best for his role as the skirt-chasing Barney on How I Met Your Mother. He’s also been in the Joss Whedon geek classic, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. We’d love to see his interpretation of a vampire role. Would he play it deadly serious? Part Barney and part Dr. Horrible? Or would he bring something completely new? Whatever the answer, we think he’d make a wonderfully quirky choice.

Matt Smith

Hopefully we’re all hip enough to geek culture that no introductions are needed. However, for any non-geeks reading: Matt Smith plays the current incarnation of The Doctor on the long-running geek touchstone, Doctor Who. As a vampire, he’d be trading the fez for a cape and the sonic screwdriver for a sharp pair of fangs. There’s something truly unsettling about the idea of the guy who currently plays The Doctor playing a vampire.  It’s even more unsettling than Christopher Eccleston returning to the show!  (Just kidding).

Simon Pegg

He’s played Scotty in the recent big-screen adaptation of Star Trek, fought zombie hordes using a cricket bat in Shaun of The Dead and encountered a very unusual alien outside Area 51 in Paul. He’d make the best nerd vampire ever. (His autobiography is called Nerd Do Well, for Pete’s sake!)  Here’s what we need to do: stick him in a vampire movie, get Edgar Wright on board to direct, and bring buddy and frequent collaborator Nick Frost along for the ride. The movie practically writes itself! In fact, I’m already lining up for tickets.

Trent Reznor

Who wasn’t super enthused when you read Trent was rumored to have a role in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter?  Sadly, it wasn’t to be. While he’s not traditionally an actor (the last acting role he had was a bit part in a 1987 movie called Light of Day) we think Mr. Reznor would make a terrific vampire. Plus, he could also write the movie’s score. We call that a win-win scenario.

Bill Murray

After his epic cameo in Zombieland, you know the idea of Bill-Murray-as-a-vampire would be awesome. Plus, it would totally make up for Garfield. Maybe.

And now, actors who should probably never play vampires:

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Michael Cera

Adam Sandler

Tom Cruise (Oh, wait…)

What actors would you like to see play vampires?

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