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A New Gay Character and a Same-Sex Wedding in Mainstream Comics

A New Gay Character and a Same-Sex Wedding in Mainstream Comics

Times are definitely a-changin'. DC and Marvel Comics, typically known as the Big Two given their continued dominance of the marketplace, have both recently announced initiatives that embrace the diversity of the LGBT community.

Over on the DC front, executive editor Dan Didio told fans at a convention over the weekend that the company would soon be reintroducing a classic character to its New 52 universe, and that individual (who was previously straight) will be "one of our most prominent gay characters." Fan speculation's running rampant, and no doubt whatever comic first drops this news in-story is going to sell crazy well, so DC's definitely working the press to their advantage here. Still, from a company that has been happy to change its characters races, body shapes and iconic relationship statuses (ESPECIALLY in its New 52 reboot), it's nice to know sexuality is fair game to change, too.

Marvel has an issue that drops TODAY—Astonishing X-Men #50—long-time mutant Northstar will propose to his boyfriend Kyle Jinadu. Given the lead time it takes to put a comic together, this probably didn't just happen in the last two weeks… and, really, Marvel has always been a little bit quicker to embrace cultures outside white middle-class America. (What are the X-Men, after all, if not a metaphor for every subculture ever?)

If you're not up to speed with your Canadian superheroes, North Star is also known as Jean-Paul Beaubier, and he can fly at nearly the speed of light. Kyle Jinadu is just a normal guy with awesome hair who works for Team Northstar Extreme Snowsports. That's right: A Marvel superhero owns a wilderness outfitter store. And Kyle has been snogging the boss.

The bells ring on June 30, issue No. 51.

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