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Game of Thrones: Ascent is Coming to Facebook!

Game of Thrones: Ascent is Coming to Facebook!

For those of you who have found yourselves wistfully wishing you could enter the world of Westeros every time you checked your Facebook page, today is your lucky day! HBO is pairing with Disruptor Beam and Facebook to create Game of Thrones: Ascent, a game that will allow everyone on Facebook the opportunity to participate in the wildly imaginative world created by George RR Martin.

The popularity of Game of Thrones has led to a variety of games based on the series, (from board games to different versions for PC, PS3, XBOX, etc.) some of which have yet to be released. This is exciting news for fans of both the books and TV series, because it means that anyone anywhere with a Facebook account can participate in all the fun and excitement, without having to shell out a lot of fundage. Being on a social network site, the game also obviously allows players to play with their friends, or with total strangers should they so choose.

According to Disruptor Beam’s official statement, in the new game, players will: “claim their birthright by choosing which of the great houses they’ll swear allegiance to.” Once they do that, they must concentrate on “securing their holdings, developing their lands and personal reputation, and assigning sworn swords to quests—while forging alliances with new friends.” Woah! Sounds exciting! The release date of GoT: Ascent is yet to be determined, but we do know one thing: we can’t wait to water dance with Arya!

Will you play GoT: Ascent?

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