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Marvel Heroes MMO Trailer Released!

Marvel Heroes MMO Trailer Released!

Let’s be honest, Marvel Super Hero Squad is fun and all, but the MMO RPG of the same name didn’t exactly entertain the older generation of Marvel fans looking for a more robust gaming experience. For a long time we have been teased with Marvel Heroes—the online multiplayer game promised to be the answer to our collective nerdy prayers. For a long time Marvel didn’t give away much in the form of in-game footage, but recently this week they released a teaser trailer that spells nothing but doom for the Marvel heroes!

Terrible pun aside, Dr. Doom is indeed the main villain in Marvel Heroes and, in standard Marvel bad guy fashion, will be using the omnipotent Cosmic Cube as his weapon of choice. The biggest question many fans asked themselves was what characters would they be available to play in their quest to stop Doom. The trailer gives us a small sampling of who to expect, and from what we’ve seen it looks like we’ll have plenty to choose from. Iron Man, Captain America, Emma Frost, Scarlet Witch; the sky’s pretty much the limit on superheroic options. Sadly, it looks like there won’t be a character customization feature like in DC Universe Online, so get ready to save the day with a whole lot of Deadpools and Wolverines.

The game also promises plenty of locales such as Mutant Town and The Savage Land, with waves of enemies to stymie your heroic efforts... like Sentinels!

Marvel Heroes is being developed by Gazillion Games, penned by Marvel Architect Brian Michael Bendis and, best of all, will be free-to-play (already giving it a one-up over the Distinguished Competition’s MMO)!

Will you be playing Marvel Heroes?

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