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5 Terrifying Movie Aliens

5 Terrifying Movie Aliens

What with Men in Black 3 opening today, we've been thinking a lot about aliens. And not the hilarious ones you might find chasing Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones around. The really scary ones. Forget Jason, Chucky, and Freddy Krueger! Any nerdy movie buff knows that the most horrifying monstrosities aren’t here on Earth, but reside beyond the stars. The MindHut’s in-house crack team of movie alien experts have compiled a list of the 5 most terrifying movie aliens that probably made you squeeze your cherry Icee in a fit of sheer terror!

5) The Blob

The Blob may be an amorphous pile of red space goo, but it’s the creature’s unrelenting hunger for living organisms that make it frightening. Because of its malleable physical composition, The Blob can find and squeeze through any small opening in a building and come surging through the floor, ceiling, or even the plumbing! It goes without saying that your hiding place options are somewhat limited. And it only gets worse once The Blob catches you. Not only do you drown in nasty space gunk, but its digestive juices begin breaking its victims down to make room for the next meal, typically while they’re still semi-conscious.

4) Killer Klowns (Killer Klowns from Outer Space)

We have yet to figure out how evolution led to the creation of a race of man-eating clowns with naturally occurring face makeup and big red noses, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that the Killer Klowns combine mankind’s natural fear of circus clowns with invaders from another planet. And unlike the other alien races in the galaxy that lack imagination, the Killer Klowns like to have a little malicious fun when subjugating the Earthling masses. Why rely on conventional alien weaponry when one can use evil shadow puppets and lethal popcorn blasters to bring mankind to its knees? From there the hard work for our Killer Klown overlords begins when the captured victims must be stored in cotton candy cocoons for consumption at a later time.

3) Critters

It’s the unwritten rule of horror movies: The size of the monster or alien is inversely proportional to how frightening it is. And the Critters (technically called Crites) are nothing more than little balls of fuzz that want to pick the meat right off your bones! Their irritating habit of popping up out of the woodwork en masse doesn’t help to make the situation any better, either. See, Critters live solely for two things: eating and breeding as often as possible. So going after an entire nest of Critters is a fool’s errand since not only are you going to be devoured by feral furballs in mere seconds—a death that is both painful and humiliating—but you’re guaranteed to have some escape your wrath and create another big happy family elsewhere within the week... which kind of made your whole crusade against them pointless and, in hindsight, silly.

2) The Thing

The greatest weapon in an alien’s arsenal is paranoia sparked by impersonating others. You pit the frenzied populace against itself and conquest is ensured. And in the 1982 film The Thing, the titular creature did just that, but with gruesome and gory gusto. Not only could The Thing take on the form of those closest to you, but it also had the nauseating ability to assimilate its various victims (both man and beast) into a bloody and withering mass of body parts and sharp appendages. And don’t bother trying to blast it to bits with a gun or chop it up. Any one of the assimilated parts can sprout legs and run off to collect itself and start the entire process again. The Thing is the alien that keeps on giving!

1) Xenomorphs (Alien Series)

“In space no one can hear you scream.” With that simple tagline, the film Alien introduced people everywhere to the creature that everyone immediately imagines when they think of “evil creature from space”: the Xenomorph. Exemplifying the apex predator, the Xenomorph is a lethal combination of predatory instinct and intelligence fueled by the innate mandate to reproduce and wipe out any organism that dares halt the species’ efforts. Their parasitic life cycle involves having to implant the embryo in the body of an unwitting host, culminating with the newborn Xenomorph bursting through the aforementioned hosts’s chest and growing to adulthood within the span of a few short hours. Oh, yeah, forgot to mention that the Xenomorphs have a queen. Because one on its own isn’t enough.

What alien do you think is the most terrifying?

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