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Five Books To Help Celebrate Your Inner Geek

Five Books To Help Celebrate Your Inner Geek

Today is national Geek Pride Day! And there are fewer things that celebrate being a geek more than immersing yourself in a good book. So we have assembled a collection of five books that should be on every geek’s must-read list.

The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia

Everything you could ever possibly want to know about the Star Wars universe (or should that be universes?) is here in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia. This three volume set is packed with over thirty years of Star Wars lore and trivia. Geek out over the full color artwork and photos, brush up on your Bib Fortuna trivia and learn the customs of Tatooine. There’s even sections on the secret rituals of Jedi Knights and Sith Lords and a timeline of the major events in Star Wars history, from the Clone Wars through to the invasion of the Yuuzhan Vong. If you can find anything missing from this colossal 1,124 page encyclopedia of all things Star Wars, we’ll crown you King of the Geeks and relinquish our Tauntaun sleeping bag to you.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

This book has it all.  Don’t believe me? Some of the many crazy things you’ll encounter during your time in the Hitchiker’s universe include: The destruction of Earth, a type of space parasite known as the Babel fish, an alien named for a car, a spaceship that sends its passengers to the most improbable places in the universe, and a manically-depressed robot. It’s so popular it has spawned a feature film, television series, a video game, and even radio programs. The first book in Douglas Adams’ “trilogy in five parts”, The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is an essential addition for any geek library.

Batman: The Killing Joke

One of the most important graphic novels in the history of Batman, The Killing Joke has remained in print since it was first published in 1988. Its enduring influence and popularity means that it’s often one of the first books new Batman fans read. The plot revolves around The Joker’s earlier life pre-disfigurement and his present day attempts to drive Gotham City Police Commissioner James Gordon insane.  Christopher Nolan has cited The Killing Joke as a major influence in the look and style of Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight, the second movie in Nolan’s Batman trilogy. You can’t call yourself a geek OR a Batman fan until you have read this landmark book.

Chicks Dig Time Lords: A Celebration of Doctor Who by the Women Who Love It

No geek celebration—book list or otherwise—would be complete without a nod to geek staple Doctor WhoIn Chicks Dig Time Lords, an anthology of Doctor Who related essays, women discuss why they love all things Doctor Who and recount their experiences as fans. There are essays contributed by a diverse selection of women, from academics and authors through to actual members of the Doctor Who family, including an essay by Carole Barrowman (sister of John “Captain Jack Harkness Barrowman) and interviews with former Doctor Who companions Sophie Aldred (“Ace”) and India Fisher (“Charley”).

Geek Wisdom: The Sacred Teachings of Nerd Culture

Self-described as “the sacred teachings of nerd culture”, if there was ever such thing as a geek holy book, Geek Wisdom would come very close. It’s the definitive nerd A to Z, with everything from A Space Odyssey to General Zod. If you’ve ever wanted to infiltrate a nerd secret society, re-live some of the most legendary quotes from geekdom, or brush up on must-know pop culture trivia, Geek Wisdom is the book for you. It’s an unabashed celebration of everything geek.

What's your favorite geek tome?

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