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The World's Geekiest Travel Destinations

The World's Geekiest Travel Destinations

Why not celebrate Geek pride day by taking a trip? There’s a stereotype about geeks that they have an aversion to travel or leaving familiar surroundings. They would much rather stay indoors and play video games. That stereotype, of course, is total hogwash. Many geeks love to travel and see places all over the world. Some even become so-called “travel geeks.” Still, places such as Rome or Las Vegas don’t have quite the same pull on a geek. There are much better destinations out there for geeks. Here are a few of them.

Matamata, New Zealand: Do you think that they would actually get rid of the awesome Hobbiton set from Lord of the Rings? Of course not! For the low price of only $350 (and a 15-hour flight), you can visit the hometown of Frodo, Sam, Bilbo, Pippin, and Merry. Here, you can enjoy a tour of locations such as Bag End and the Green Dragon Inn. Even better, afterwards you get to watch a sheep-shearing demonstration. Can anything be more magical than that?

Possible disappointment: The hobbit holes are probably human-sized.

Tatouine, Tunisia: After a long bus ride through the scalding Tunisian desert, you can find the town of Tatouine. The name should look familiar; it’s the namesake of the Skywalkers’ home planet. Yes, you can visit the Lars homestead, the former home of Luke Skywalker in Tatouine. After a few jokes about going to the tachi station to pick up power converters, you can watch the (single) sun set with John Williams’ immortal score playing in your head.

Possible disappointment: Civil wars in Tatouine don’t involve Wookiees or Jedis.

The Oregon Dunes: The spice must flow. This is the place that inspired the greatest science fiction book series of all time, Dune. Author Frank Herbert was inspired while writing an article about specially designed grass that kept the Oregon Dunes from moving. When you try to climb the dunes, make sure to walk without rhythm. That way you won’t attract the worm.

Possible disappointment: Nearby Florence, Oregon is known for its retired community, rather than for its Fremen.

Rock City, Tennessee: You may remember Rock City as the setting for the climactic battle between the Old Gods and the New Gods in Neil Gaiman’s fantasy classic American Gods. It’s surprisingly easy to find, as advertisements directing you to Rock City can be found across the South. While there, you can play at mini golf at the first ever miniature golf course, and look out on seven states.

Possible disappointment: You may accidentally get stuck in “Fat Man’s Squeeze.”

Tokyo, Japan: Tokyo is the geek mecca. Anything geeky you could possibly want you can find in this bright and busy city. Tokyo’s geek center is Akihabara, also known as “Electric Town” and “Akiba.” Here you can walk pass hundreds of electronics stores, check out maid cafes, and visit nerdy destinations such as the Gundam restaurant. On Sundays, you can head over to Harajuku and Yoyogi Park to see cosplayers take on the looks of their favorite anime chracters. If you come during the late summer, you can even take in the Tokyo Game Show.

Possible disappointment: Earthquakes are the closest you’ll get to a Godzilla attack.

Where would you travel to to get your geek on?

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