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Watch the Futurama Cast (and Other Cartoons) Reading 'Star Wars' at Comicon

Watch the Futurama Cast (and Other Cartoons) Reading 'Star Wars' at Comicon

Yo dawg, Comicon heard you like cartoons and that you like Star Wars, so they got your favorite cartoon voice actors to read Star Wars.

The allstar voice acting cast made up of Billy West (Fry, Dr. Zoidberg), John DiMaggio (Bender, Jake from Adventure Time), Tara Strong (Bubbles, Timmy from Fairly OddParents), Maurice LaMarche (Calculon, The Brain),  Kevin Conroy (Batman), Jess Harnell (Ironhide, Wacko from Animaniacs) and Rob Paulsen (Yacko, Pinky) recently gathered at the Emerald City Comicon in Seattle to read through the first half of A New Hope. The whole clip is an hour and 20 minutes long (they just make it to the Death Star before pulling the plug) and well worth a complete watch if only to see Billy West get all uppity about the interminable reading. But in case you aren't a reprobate blogger with no social life like some of us around here, we time-stamped our favorite, unmissable segments below.

Warning: the actors do enhance the script with some language that isn't strictly considered PG in this galaxy.

7:06 - Darth Bubbles wants them…aliiiiiiive

9:41 - Shatner3P0 and Christopher WalkenD2 trade dramatic pauses

26:14 - Pinky (Luke) and The Brain (Leah) are finally reunited, and Bill Cosby boop-a-doops along for the ride

29:50 - Aqua Man gives Zoidberg Skywalker crap for his pronunciation, already

36:17 - Tracy Morgan Kenobi has a cousin from Queens

40:17 - Cartman tells Professor Farnsworth to respect his authoritay if he wants to avoid ending up like Vader

49:21 - Porky Wan Kenobi assures storm trooper Bender that these aren't the ba-dyeah-ba-ba-dyeah-ba-dyeah-ba-ba-droids he's looking for

59:43 - Greedo Soprano admits Han shot first

1:11:38 - The epic conclusion, featuring Harley Quinn, Zapp Brannigan, William Shatner, Tracy Morgan and Christopher Walken, who needs more cowbell to escape the Death Star

Somebody, please. Animate this.

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