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BREAKING: Iron Patriot in "Iron Man 3"?

BREAKING: Iron Patriot in "Iron Man 3"?

While hype over The Avengers is starting to die down somewhat, news about the upcoming Marvel blockbuster Iron Man 3 just seems to be popping up out of the proverbial woodwork! So far we know that parts of the movie will take place in China and feature villains such as The Mandarin and Firepower. But a recently leaked photo from the film’s North Carolina set shows that a star-spangled Iron Man will be gracing the silver screen.

Fabricated image it ain’t—that is indeed a variation of the Iron Man armor donning a much more patriotic color scheme. We’ve already seen a suit like this before in the comics when Spider-Man villain Norman Osborn became director of national security and wore the Iron Patriot armor when leading his team of Dark Avengers. But since that’s clearly actor James Badge Dale in the suit and—obviously—not Spider-Man actor William Dafoe (who played Osborn in the films), we can rule out that guess.

What’s leaving many fans scratching their heads, however, is the fact that Dale is already locked in to play the villainous cyborg Coldblood-7, yet these images only serve to make things more confusing. Current internet speculation believes that the character will experience a fall from grace resulting in his drive to become a villain. Wanting to throw our own guess out there, we at The MindHut think that the film’s producers are borrowing a few elements from the current run of The Invincible Iron Man comic series, namely the character Detroit Steel/Lt. Doug Johnson III, who also wore state-of-the-art armor wrapped in the flag.

Do you think this will be Iron Patriot or Detroit Steel?

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