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VIDEO: Fake "Tetris" Movie Trailer is Better Than "Battleship"

VIDEO: Fake "Tetris" Movie Trailer is Better Than "Battleship"

Just because Battleship tanked humiliated itself at the box office doesn’t mean that Hollywood execs will be discouraged from torturing audiences with more schlocky films based on games. But maybe before they jump the gun and hit us with something like, say, a Michael Bay-esque take on Chutes and Ladders or Angry Birds, why don’t they consider giving the people who made this mock trailer for a Tetris movie a call?

For all those people who can’t fathom why Tetris is so addictive and drives an insurmountable wedge between family, friends, and life in general, this trailer clearly shows that it’s all a part of a larger alien conspiracy—one brought about by the game’s creator Alexey Pajitnov; you really have to admire the clever fusion of fact and fiction that works to create an intriguing plot (even if this is a movie that will never be made real).

But if Tetris-in a perfect world—was ever made into a movie, we’d like to think that there would definitely be a scene where the film’s hero totally flubs rotating the I-shaped Tetrimino and blows his chance of clearing four lines at once. Which naturally leads to the hero losing confidence in himself but soon finding a renewed sense of purpose moments before the film’s epic climax.

Would you see a movie based on Tetris?

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