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VIDEO: You Can Freeze Yourself in Carbonite!

VIDEO: You Can Freeze Yourself in Carbonite!

Quick, Masterminds, make your most terrified face.  Now imagine it frozen that way for eternity—frozen in Carbonite, just like Han Solo in Star Wars Episode V. Excited yet? For only $99 (plus tax and shipping), an eight-inch figurine of this can be yours, courtesy of Disney's Hollywood Studios.  Here's the video:

Now, just in case you're made of money, imagine a whole set—you, in a dozen different poses.  From mildly petrified ("oh no, Alderaan has been destroyed by the Death Star!") to full-on terror ("Yoda's dead?  But he was only 900 years old!").

Surely now that this technology has been introduced to the world, it won't be long before you can freeze your face in the image of movie characters from throughout Hollywood history.  You as Rocky, on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  You in the DeLorean, traveling through time, in Back To The Future.  You with your arms spread wide on the deck of Titanic.

Disney's only offering the Carbon Freeze until June 16th, so you'd better book your ticket.

Are you going to get your own frozen in Carbonite figurine?

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