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6 Celebs That Could Play the Classics of Literature

6 Celebs That Could Play the Classics of Literature

Would Matt Smith have made a good Watson? In a recent interview, Stephen Moffat, creator of "Sherlock," said he considered Smith for the part. It sparks the question: What cool celebrity actors would beast roles from classic literature? We've had a maelstrom of Sherlock Holmeses lately, but what about the other Victorian heroes (and villains)? What about the characters who are wicked awesome, but never get cinematic airtime? Here are some pairings to ponder—for our amusement, and for Hollywood producers to steal.

Character: Allen Quatermain Book: King Solomon's Mines Actor: Michael Caine The Idea: Quatermain is a rugged big-game hunter raised in the African savannah. What grizzled Cockney better suits this role than Michael Caine? Stubbled, tough and always wise, Caine's Quatermain would journey into the darkest jungle, fight epic battles in lost cities, and return with only a limp and a scowl.

Character: Aouda Book: Around the World in Eighty Days Actor: Mindy Kaling The Idea: In the novel, all anybody cares about is a rich guy named Phileas Fogg and his screwball butler, Passepartout... oh, and they rescue a beautiful, widowed Indian princess from being burned alive. But doesn't Princess Aouda travel with them around half the world? Isn't that kind of awesome for a kept woman who never left her village? For an updated comic version, Mindy Kaling of "The Office" would be hilarious.

Character: Griffin Book: The Invisible Man Actor: Paul Giamatti The Idea: Griffin turns himself invisible, but he can't turn himself back. Then he goes completely insane and starts murdering people and stealing their stuff. A lot of actors can play sad-sack and sadomasochistic, but none quite like Paul Giamatti (And given how he's been treated at the Oscars, The Invisible Man might be a fitting part).

Character: Pippi Longstocking Book: Pippi Longstocking Actor: Jennifer Lawrence The Idea: Okay, so it's apparent that J-Law is a fantastic actress. What if she was cast as the world's pluckiest super-strong redheaded Swede? And what if the movie was directed by Wes Anderson? Just sayin'.

Character: Zorro Book: The Curse of Capistrano, et al. Actor: Javier Bardem The Idea: We're about due for a new Zorro movie—every decade or so, we remember how much fun the masked swashbuckler can be. In contrast with Antonio Banderas' handsome/funny turn as Diego, Javier Bardem would be brooding, sad-eyed, and sophisticated.

Character: Carmilla Book: Carmilla Actor: Mila Kunis The Idea: A creepy vampiress who repeatedly sneaks into a girl's room and bites her on the chest? HOW HAS THIS MOVIE NEVER BEEN MADE? After her role in Black Swan, Mila is basically a shoo-in.

What other celebrities would make great classic characters?

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