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VIDEO: Trailer for Arrow

VIDEO: Trailer for Arrow

Fiscally and creatively, most people agree that last year’s cinematic rendition of The Green Lantern was a bust. So why would we want to check out an upcoming TV show by the same guys? Well, because those guys (Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim) now have 12-24 hours to tell their story, and this time, they’re telling it with Andrew Kriesberg, an executive producer on one of TV’s finest hours, Fringe. Their current project is a modern-day retelling of the legendary DC comic The Green Arrow, which premieres on the CW this fall.

Oh look! Here's a preview!

Arrow stars Stephen Amell as hero Oliver Queen, who seems to have swapped lives with Bruce Wayne. For those not familiar, Oliver was a privileged young lad who had it all, until a shipwreck killed his father and left him stranded on a remote island for five years. Presumed dead by those he loved, and forever altered by his experiences on the island, Oliver becomes a vigilante when he returns to Starling City, vowing to right both his and his father’s previous wrongs. Like Bruce Wayne, he is wealthy and carefree by day, all butt-kicking and bad guys by night, and he even has a trusty chauffer / companion who knows his secret. He also has a penance list--much like Arya Stark’s prayer list--with names of those he plans to cross off permanently.

He also has a love interest, the alliterative and lovely Laurel Lance, whose detective father begins investigating a Robin Hood-esque vigilante in a green hood who is being painted as the ne’er do well of the city. Throw in the fact that Oliver’s own mother may be the most sinister force on the show, possibly having something to do with the shipwreck that started it all, and you have drama galore. But how cool will it be? In the comics, Green Arrow fashioned all sorts of trick arrows (including cryonic ones!), so the potential for sweetness is there. We’re not sure about the CW will cash in on this coolness potential, though, but you never know when you’re gonna find a diamond in your network soup. Or an emerald...

Regardless, the preview has us curious, because as cliché as Arrow may appear at first glance, it looks like Oliver can scale a mean fence, and his training regimen is straight outta Ninja Warrior, so we might be in for some bombastic action scenes. And the fact that there is a lot going on plot-wise is encouraging.

What do you think, masterminds? Will Oliver Queen’s aim be true, or will this archer be just a big, dull departure?

Arrow will air Wednesdays at 8 PM (ET) on the CW.

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