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All-New, Weekly, Cheap Batman Digital Comics... WHAT?!

All-New, Weekly, Cheap Batman Digital Comics... WHAT?!

We've talked on this site before about digital comics, but nothing has seemed quite as exciting as this latest digital development. Starting yesterday, DC Comics—home to heroes like Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and more—plans to release all-new, digital-only Batman comics every Thursday. This might not sound too out-of-the-ordinary from their regular business, except for a few things:

1) These are out-of-continuity stories designed to be enjoyed by everyone and anyone. That means that even a passing knowledge of Batman will make these comics readable. You don't need to follow along with his adventures every month to know the plot of these comics; you don't even have to buy every digital issue! Each one basically stands alone (though there will be a couple multi-part stories).

2) These books have been created by some of the top names in entertainment. There are big-time comic names working on them, for sure, like Ben Templesmith, JG Jones, and Jeff Lemire, but there are also non-comic superstars putting work into these babies, like Lost mastermind Damon Lindelof.

3) They are designed to be read in a digital format. That means they'll look good on your tablet PC or even your phone—no awkward panel layouts or questions about how to scroll!

4) These books are 99 CENTS EACH. That means you get a full-sized (22 page) comic for a third or a quarter of the price you pay at the store… it costs as little as a song on iTunes!

So, whether or not you're a Batman fan, this news is pretty rad. This book's officially called Legends of the Dark Knight, and it kicked off yesterday in grand fashion with a story written by Damon Lindelof and drawn by Jeff Lemire (Sweet Tooth) called "The Butler Did It." This one-shot tale explores Batman's greatest weakness… and possibly the only person who can get him to reveal it.

A new installment of Legends of the Dark Knight can be picked up each Thursday from the Comixology store for less than a dollar. Great character, great creators, great price… this might be the boost some folks need to finally jump into digital comics .(It worked on this writer!)

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