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Grimm Season Two Spoilers!

Grimm Season Two Spoilers!

When Grimm premiered last year, its prognosis wasn't good. It was cursed with a Friday night time slot, and the main character (David Guintoli) was an MTV reality show alum. But its genre mash-up of fairy tale fantasy and cop drama eventually gelled, earning the show a solid fan base, and a renewal for a second season. Production on season two has just begun, and we managed to snag a few spoilers.

The producers have decided to up the ante a bit, and are currently casting what they describe as a “saber-toothed killing machine” that is slated for a multi-episode arc this fall. We're picturing a cross between Wolverine's brother and a hulking prehistoric tiger, so this new addition has the potential to be very cool, and whatever it is, it will undoubtedly wreak havoc in Nick's life.

But Über-Toothed-Tiger-Man will not be the only new character coming to Grimm this fall. Show runner David Greenwalt told TVLine that “there will be bigger and badder enemies” coming after Nick next season. One of those could be James Frain, who has just been cast as Captain Renard's brother Eric. Those familiar with True Blood will remember Frain's alternately terrifying and hilarious work as Franklin Mott, the deranged vampire who wanted a kidnapped Tara to be his vampire bride and responded to the phrase “We need to talk,” by saying: “When women say that everything goes black and I wake up surrounded by body parts.”

Frain’s character Eric is reportedly at odds with his police captain brother, and he shows up on the heels of what the creators refer to as “a very bad creature.” Okay, then... wonder if that bad creature is Über-Tooth? Co-creator Greenwalt also told SciFiNow that much of season two will be about Nick “coming into his own,” presumably graduating from rookie to veteran Grimm status after facing these promising and formidable foes. We’re excited to see how the arrivals of these new characters affect Nick’s newly chaotic world.

So far, the creators are tight-lipped about any other season two happenings, but we do know that Bree Turner has become a series regular. Her character Rosalee, the apothecary with several secrets and a possible romantic future with Monroe, will be a bigger player next season. This is great news, because the budding relationship between his Blutbad and her Fuchsbau was more fun to watch than anything Nick’s lame partner Hank did all last season!

Are you looking forward to these new baddies?

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