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5 Stephen King Books That Deserve Film Adaptations

5 Stephen King Books That Deserve Film Adaptations

Stephen. King. Rocks. That's just a fact. Much of his body of work has already been made into movies, and rightly so. Unfortunately, the vast majority of those movies have failed to live up to their source materials. And not in the "the movie is never as good as the book" kind of way. More in the "Did the script writer even read the book?" kind of way. But on the off chance that Hollywood could actually get it right, there are several more of Mr. King's books that have yet to be filmed that are definitely worthy of an attempt.

The Eyes of The Dragon

This is one of Stephen King's lesser known novels, but it represents a foray by the author into very dark fantasy. Any King fan worth their salt should make it a point to read this book. It's the story of a young prince who, while under the sway of an evil wizard, becomes king after his older brother is framed for their father's murder.

The Eyes of the Dragon reads like a fairy tale, with the narrator speaking as if he's taking the reader into his confidence. Between Grimm, Once Upon a Time, and dueling versions of Snow White, it seems fairy tales are all the rage these days. Which means that not only is this just a great book, but a movie based on The Eyes of the Dragon would be very timely.

The Long Walk

Why does this one make the list? Three words: dystopia, dystopia, dystopia. Sending one hundred kids out for a brisk walk hardly seems very dramatic, especially compared to an all out death match. But that walk takes on a chilling dimension when the penalty for stopping is death. Slow down long enough to rubberneck at the remains of your fallen comrade and you, too, get a tap to the dome. There is no finish line. There's just the place where you realize you're the only one left.

This story has all the elements of classic dystopian storytelling: a totalitarian regime, a downtrodden populace, a hero's desperate struggle for a way out, and an emotionally numbed audience to his misery. Add King's inimitable style and this movie becomes a surefire blockbuster.

The Dark Tower series

Spanning eight novels and thirty years (the first book was published in 1982) The Dark Tower series can quite fairly be called an epic story. And according to the legend himself, Mr. King, it ain't over yet. Simply described, the story is that of Roland Deschain, a man on an obsessive quest to find the enigmatic Dark Tower. But like so much of King's work, the story is about so much more.

This one's ripe for the full on Harry Potter treatment, potentially offering fans more than a decade's worth of cinematic experiences. A proposed film and television series were benched by Universal Studios. However Warner Brothers is taking up the project, with Ron Howard set to direct.

Bag of Bones

Although A&E already produced this as a miniseries last year, the TV version left much to be desired, so we're including it here anyway. A do-over is certainly called for, next time by producers who aren't afraid to follow King all the way down the rabbit hole. This story, of a grieving writer who uncovers a town's terrible secrets, is so much more tragic and unsettling than the A&E version depicts.

Bag of Bones is part supernatural story, part mystery, with a dash of romance. But at its heart, it's a ghost story, and those never go out fashion.

Under The Dome

An invisible force field dome of unknown origin descends over the town of Chester Mill, Maine, severing the town's residents from family, friends, and consequences. Chaos ensues as things (and people) blow up, burn down, and otherwise fall apart.

Clocking in at over a thousand pages, Under the Dome has "feature film trilogy" written all over it. It would have to be an R-rated trilogy, for sure. But if you can't stand the heat, stay out of the dome.

What's your favorite Stephen King book that should be made into a movie?

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