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4 Reasons Spidey Will Never Be in an Avengers Movie

4 Reasons Spidey Will Never Be in an Avengers Movie

We can't count the amount of times we've heard in the past couple of months, "Why wasn't Spider-Man in the Avengers movie?" The climactic scene of The Avengers takes place in New York, so why wasn't Spider-Man around to help protect his beloved city? Was he at school? Having a spa day? If you're asking this question or this question's been asked of you, here are some facts and some of our opinions:

1. Spider-Man wasn't a founding member of The Avengers. He wasn't there in the beginning with characters like Iron Man and Captain America, who are both cornerstone members of the Avengers. He came in much later, but he is currently a member of The Avengers.

2. Spider-Man would be the only member of the Avengers with a true secret identity. Everybody in the world knows who Iron Man is. Most people in SHIELD know who Captain America is, or was. SHIELD also knows who Black Widow and Hawkeye are, and SHIELD and the United States Army—as well as other individuals—know who the Hulk is. And Thor doesn't even have a secret identity. But Peter Parker is different. Nobody knows who he is, and while Iron Man takes off his helmet, he never takes off his mask. Which leads us to our next point...

3. Spider-Man wouldn't fit in with the Avengers. Imagine those scenes where the Avengers are all standing around talking. Their suits are off or they're not in giant green form. Spider-Man never takes his suit off and never just stands around talking. He's hanging upside down from a safe distance.

4. The film rights to the Avengers and Spider-Man are owned by two different companies. Which is the main reason Spidey will never get to exchange insults with Tony Stark on film. Columbia bought the rights to Spider-Man and all supporting characters years before Iron Man was even filming.

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