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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Gets a Motion Comic

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Gets a Motion Comic

It's been a wild decade for classic-character mashups, but none has proven its mettle like Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. We love us some Sense and Sensibility and Seamonsters, Space Nazis, and Django Unchained. There's nothing like combining a vintage character with a zany modern twist. But Honest Abe has clearly taken the lead. And the movie looks to be one of most exciting of the summer.

That's why we were SUPER stoked when we saw the latest viral goodie that the team behind this movie had to offer: a "motion-comic."

It uses both the kinetic art style of a storyboard and the dynamic paneled movement of a graphic novel, which makes for a unique artistic approach. But the site also adds slight movements to the drawings, grotesque sound effects, and Gothic music to embellish it. The style is so effective, we can imagine it starting a whole new era in awesome extra content for summer popcorn flicks!

The strip doesn't reveal too much about the plot, so don't worry about serious spoilers. But the axe-wielding battle scenes do get the heart a-racing. And the video segment at the end offers a little glimpse of the final film. If the full 105 minutes are nearly as crazy and fun as this little slice, Vampire Hunter should be fantastic.

What's remarkable about Vampire Hunter is that it began as a book—just a regular old epistolary novel by Seth Grahame-Smith, a normal 36-year-old who grew up in Connecticut and used to write for MTV. Given the material, it's astonishing that this whole franchise didn't start as a graphic novel. If you're not up to speed on Grahame-Smith, he's the guy who also wrote Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which started a cavalcade of classic-lit updates, and revived Jane Austen into a guru of old-timey horror.

As it turns out, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is also getting the Hollywood movie treatment. Will motion comics follow? Fingers crossed.

Check out the awesome motion comic here, and tell us: will you go see Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter?

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