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Andrew W.K. meets... My Little Pony?

Andrew W.K. meets... My Little Pony?

Yes, you read that headline right. According to Prefix Magazine, Andrew W.K. is going to put his motivational speaking skills to use at the My Little Pony convention in Ohio in late September. (And if you're asking yourself, "There's a My Little Pony convention??" we're right there with you).

Now, if you're wondering who Andrew W.K. is and why we find this so funny, well, that's a good question. Andrew W.K. burst onto the music scene in 2001 with his debut album I Get Wet. There's a chance you've never heard any of the songs off of it, but you've probably seen the album cover: a guy, standing there, with blood running down his face. Lots of blood. Since then, he's been a music producer, owned a nightclub, done some TV, and somehow segued from all that into motivational speaking. Which is what brings us back to the My Little Pony convention.

The guy who became famous from a now-iconic album cover on which he has blood all over his face is going to be on a panel about a pony named Pinkie Pie. Apparently, Andrew W.K. really connects with Pinkie Pie because they're both positive, party-oriented beings (of course, one is a fake pony and one's a man, but we're not focusing on that). Also, according to the Prefix Magazine article, "W.K. has spoken in the past of his support for 'Brony,' the ever-growing subculture surrounding unexpected male obsession with My Little Pony".

This should be interesting.

Would you attend the My Little Pony convention?

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