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True Blood Recap: Delegating Authoritah!

True Blood Recap: Delegating Authoritah!

Last week’s premiere of True Blood was fast-paced and set up numerous plotlines that promise to have huge or rewarding payoffs. This week’s episode wasn’t as quick or energetic, but it contained several moments in which we learn something gnarly about the characters. Here’s what our favorite Bon Temps denizens were up to this week:


It’s obvious a freshly turned Tara is NOT feeling her new status as a vampire. Within seconds, she’s drinking Sookie’s delicious fairy blood and tossing Lafayette across the yard, much to Pam’s amusement. Hilarious as she finds it, Pam still needs Sook’s magic lady parts to sway Eric, so she commands Tara not to devour Sook or Lafayette, and tosses her new progeny inside the house. She tells them that Tara is their problem now, and speeds off to Fangtasia in her Walmart sweatsuit.

As Tara flies around the house like the Tasmanian Devil on crack, a freaked out Sook and Lafayette have to tempt her with blood and drag her off in silver in order to get her in the dark by daytime. Sook then heads to the anti-vamp establishment The Stake House, where she sees Steve Newlin on TV, saying how “Jesus loves vampires” (more on his hilarity later).

Sook buys a silver-sprayer to keep the Tarampire in check. When she gets home, she hears Lafayette about to stake Tara—he already regrets turning her, and feels guilty for being selfish. Sook stops him, noting how rambunctious Jessica was when she first turned vamp. Tara’s still in there, she assures him—before Tara wakes up, tells them she will never forgive them, and sprints off, silver deterrents be damned.


In one of the ep’s cooler moments, we learn how a then-human Pam met Eric. She was a madam in San Francisco in the early 1900’s, and one night, as she walked home, she was attacked at knifepoint. A tall blond vampire in a tux appears in a blur, slitting the throat of her assailant with his bare hand, licking the blood while drinking her in with his eyes. They are obviously charmed by each other, but Eric takes off with a sly smile before any further connection happens. Now that Pam is a maker, it’s natural for her to reflect back on when she was turned herself, and her relationship with Eric has always been entertaining. We can’t wait for more of her backstory!


It’s evident that sleeping with nearly every woman in town is wearing on Jason, who learns he’s responsible for breaking a family up. He tries to reconcile with Hoyt again, to no avail, although Hoyt’s vamp-loathing mama loves him now (Note: we’re tired of angry Hoyt. He needs a new arc! His once lovable character is barely tolerable).

Meanwhile, Jessica shows her deft party skills, reinventing the keg stand as she literally hoists a keg of beer with one hand before speeding a soon-to-be-vomiting partier out of the house. At her door is Steve Newlin, who dances his way in, boogies down, and lets partiers feel his fangs before offering Jessica $10,000 for Jason. Jason’s derriere is so toned, you could “chip a fang” on it, she says. He’s worth at least $20,000. When Newlin consents, Jess laughs—she doesn’t sell her friends. They fight before she tosses him out. The return of the re-vamped reverend has been way entertaining so far.


In ‘Do you really care?’ news, Sam and his lady friend Luna fight when he suggests letting her daughter Emma see her wolf-granny. Later, we learn her little girl is the cutest she-wolf ever! Alcide refuses the position of pack leader, preferring to be a lone wolf instead.

Terry Bellefleur is another once delightful character who is growing tiresome with his unexplained and sudden violent outbursts. We know this is connected to new guy in town Patrick—but we don’t really care, and we hope this storyline goes somewhere fast!


At last, we enter the Vampire Authority Headquarters, which resembles a huge windowless office building—guarded by dudes with M15’s clad in GI Joe-esque berets—with a special wing of silver jail cells. There, Eric, Nora, and Bill are grilled about their loyalties and tortured with IV’s full of silver and ultraviolet lights before being brought before the authority.

Finally, we meet Christopher Meloni’s Roman, and the Authority’s other chancellors, which include a young un’ reminiscent of Collin, the Anointed from Buffy. Roman chides Eric and Bill for their previous idiotic mishaps, and seems ready to give both vamps the true death when Bill suggests a trade—their lives for Russell’s. The Authority had believed Russell to be dead, but he’s not, they insist. As Roman considers this, the episode cuts to a deformed but alive Russell, who lies in a bed amongst scattered body parts! Someone is helping him... but who?

What did you think of this week’s episode?

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