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VIDEO: Lego Haunted House; Best Set Ever?

VIDEO: Lego Haunted House; Best Set Ever?

In their 60-odd year legacy as the world’s leading building toy company, you’d think that Lego would have at some point hit upon the idea of designing and releasing a haunted house to go along with their other innumerable playsets of varying themes. Whether it’s a case of “better late than never” or “you can’t rush art,” Lego has finally taken those suggestions from the suggestion box into consideration and created a haunted house for their “Monster Fighters” series. And after watching the official demo video, Masterminds, this is one playset you can’t possibly live without.

The haunted house set—known officially as 10228 Haunted House—is designed by Adam, the somewhat nervous gentleman in the video presenting the viewers at home a detailed walkthrough of his gorgeous Lego masterwork. Inside and out, the haunted house is brimming with so many small details, gimmicks and accessories that it almost borders on the obsessive (and we mean that in the best way possible). From the ingenious use of new Lego brick elements to emulate a dilapidated exterior to the fact that the house opens on a hinge to reveal a multi-roomed interior, this is the one set that fans of Legos, ghosts, or Folk Victorian homes will be running to the toy store for.

The Lego Haunted House will be hitting stores come September, meaning that your Lego cities will soon have their obligatory haunted house on the hill that makes even the bravest of Lego men faint and gives the Lego ladies a case of the vapors!

Will you be buying the Lego Haunted House?

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