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Dawnguard: New Add-On for Skyrim

Dawnguard: New Add-On for Skyrim

Skyrim fans, rejoice!  The wait for an official Bethesda add-on is finally over.

Skyrim was the game to end all games. It boasted gorgeous landscapes, character customization, a moving plotline, and endless quests with any number of twists, all blending seamlessly to create immersion like no other RPG. One does not simply play Skyrim for an hour and then move on with life. Skyrim plays you for hours on end.

Alas, just when we thought it could go on forever, it was finished. Main quests became hackneyed no matter how many different characters you created. New side quests became scarce, and there was nothing left for PC players to do but resort to designing and downloading mods. The console player was out of luck completely.

Now, there is hope. Behold Dawnguard, the coming gift from Bethesda:

Looks like we have a few new dungeons, some crazy gargoyle type creatures, and and intriguing premise.

The really fun part about this is the promise of even more add-ons. No doubt most players noticed certain areas and plot points in our personal adventures that just begged for expansion.

  • What about Blackreach? How can that gorgeous underground world contain only a couple minor quests? It is an utter shame to have that glorious cavern complete with a Falmer city and unique vegetation when there is so little time spent inside it.
  • There is also the world of the Daedra, almost completely overlooked in Skyrim. Some argue that the Daedric planes were some of the worst parts of Skyrim’s predecessor Oblivion, but they could perhaps revisit the concept in order to recreate it in a more interesting way.
  • There is also a huge opportunity to elaborate on the history of the Snow Elves, heavily hinted at in various quests throughout Skyrim.

What else would you like to see in future add-ons?

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