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When The Doctor Met Prometheus

When The Doctor Met Prometheus

The Doctor. The Master. The Engineer. Just from these titles alone, Doctor Who and Prometheus are a perfect mash-up. As the body count piled up throughout Prometheus, a common thought probably went through the minds of geeks throughout the world: What would the Doctor do if he were here?

Chances are he wouldn’t lose every single companion, and leave in the TARDIS with a decapitated K-9. The Doctor is familiar with aliens of all shapes and sizes, and has been around the universe many times. In fact, most of the aliens he faces tend to look like humans. Yes, the Engineers of Prometheus would be quite familiar for the Doctor. Mostly because he’s already faced them.

You probably don’t remember this episode of Doctor Who because it featured neither Matt Smith, David Tennant, nor Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor. You have to go all the way back to Jon Pertwee, the Third Doctor. No, he’s not the Doctor that wore celery, and he’s not the one with the long scarf. He’s the one who dressed like Austin Powers.

The Daemons was the season finale of Doctor Who’s eighth season, and was aired 40 years ago. It starts with an excavation in Wiltshire, England of an infamous burial mound. As it happens, this mound is actually a spaceship. Inside the spaceship are the Daemons, a race of aliens that have influenced humanity for hundreds of thousands of years. Now, the Daemons consider humans to be a failed experiment that must be destroyed. Eventually, the Master shows up and the Doctor foils his plot. It’s only through an act of self-sacrifice from the Doctor’s companion, Jo Grant, that the Daemons decide to take mercy on the humans.

That was a long time ago, though. The world has changed. The Doctor has changed. While the Daemons are similar to the Engineers, they’re not the exact same thing. So, let’s think about it in terms of the Eleventh Doctor. Let’s imagine the Doctor, Amy, and Rory showing up to the excavation site like they did in more recent Who episodes such as The Silence in the Library and The Time of the Angels. How would they change what happened?

In short, they probably wouldn’t change much. The crew of the Prometheus was stubborn, rude, stupid, and generally unpleasant. They were dreadful people. Shaw and the captain are the only crewmembers who would cooperate with the Doctor. The rest would probably blow him off and make the exact same mistakes they did throughout the movie. The Doctor would assumedly urge the crew to not remove their helmets and to be sure to stick together. He would quickly be ignored.

As a Time Lord, he may have an easier time speaking with the Engineers. Considering their similar human appearance, it may happen that the Engineers themselves were actually an experiment by the Time Lords. That would make humans the grandchildren of the Time Lords. Which is elegant, in an odd way, considering the First Doctor traveled with his human granddaughter.

Then again, once the black goo monsters start popping up, the Doctor would probably just get back to the TARDIS. On his way off-planet, he would destroy every ship and every vial of goo. It’s simple, it’s easy, and it would reduce the movie’s run-time from a feature-length two hours to a TV-sized 45 minutes.

Who do you think would win between The Doctor and The Engineers?

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