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Looper Teaser Trailer

Looper Teaser Trailer

When Brick came out in 2005, it signaled the arrival of two bold new voices in film: director/writer Rian Johnson and actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt. In that movie, Gordon-Levitt played a hard-boiled Raymond Chandler-style detective trying to discover who killed his ex-girlfriend. The twist, of course, was that the movie was set in high school. It was beautifully shot and even more beautifully plotted. Johnson came on like Wes Anderson with an edge. Since then, JGL has stolen our hearts by walking on the ceiling in Inception and Johnson directed the criminally underrated con man comedy The Brothers Bloom.

Looper reunites the two for the first time in seven years. It has one of those great “Why didn’t I think of that?” sci-fi premises. Guy’s an assassin in the present. His job is to kill guys sent back in time from thirty years in the future. Things go pear-shaped when he has to kill himself. It sounds complicated, yet looks simple in practice:

The first thing you can’t help but notice in the trailer is Gordon-Levitt’s face. (No, not in that way, ladies.) It’s a bit off. It looks like he’s wearing prosthetics on his face to look like a young Bruce Willis. It’s an effect that mostly works when you realize its goal.

With that, we see pocket watches, periodic glimpses of the future, and style to spare. It’s great how the trailer focuses exclusively on Gordon-Levitt. Aside from the tag from Jeff Daniels, JGL is front and center. In the category of scrawny action stars, he has jumped way ahead of Shia LaBeouf. We hope there’s an Avenger for him in the future. (Maybe Ant-Man? Quicksilver? Iron Fist? Moon Knight? D-Man?)

Looper looks like another worthy entry in the much too small mind-bending action movie genre.

Are you as psyched as we are to see Looper?

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