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The 5 All-Time Grossest Bug Stories

The 5 All-Time Grossest Bug Stories

Bugs… The mere mention of them may cause one to shift uncomfortably. From a distance they may seem like harmless, even fascinating creatures, but when they invade our personal space and (cringe!) our bodies even the bravest among us can be reduced to little more than shrieking pansies. So if you are of the faint of heart then please read NO FURTHER, for your gross out thresh-hold is about to be put to the ultimate test as we give you the Five Grossest Bug stories ever!

1. "Rude Awakening"
A suburban grade school youth had been told many times by his father that he shouldn't drink from the hose, but this young man didn't see the harm and one Spring day, after months of not being used, he decided it was time to fire it up. He placed the nozzle close to his lips and turned the knob. Just a split second after the water hit his mouth he recoiled in horror and impulsively spit and an enormous furry spider and hundreds of tiny spider babies came flying out!

Eww Factor: Bleahhh!!

2. "Ants in the Beehive"
The story goes that, back in the 1960s, a stylish girl was primping herself for the following day at school. The hairstyle that was popular at the time was The Beehive (which if you're not familiar, is an outrageously tall, poofy 'do that's shaped just the way it sounds) and she would commonly go to great lengths to achieve this look. Well one evening she decided to wash her hair in sugar water so it could harden just the way she wanted. She awoke suddenly in the early morning with a strange, tingling sensation. Sensing something was wrong she arose and as her head tilted upwards, hundred of huge CARPENTER ANTS began spilling from her hair and onto her nightgown!

EWW Factor: That's kinda gross, man.

3. "Is that a Botfly in your eye or are you just terrified to see me?"
An adult male was irritated by some falling dust one night as he was moving boxes in his attic. Thinking nothing of it he attempted to rub the dust away and in the process he spread some of it into his eye. After a few days his eye had grown increasingly red and after getting no results with eye drops he finally decided to see the doctor. By the time he was able to get to the office his eye was now visibly SQUIRMING and when the doctor inspected closely he found that the LARVA OF A BOTFLY had been hatching inside his eye-socket!  Now just to give you an accurate picture here, you need to know that the Botfly larva is practically the largest type of maggot on the face of the earth. Yuck!

EWW Factor: "I think I'm gonna be sick, dude!"

4. "The Roach Family- gaping wound- vacation"
A man vacationing in South America was rough-housing with buddies one day and ended up with pretty nasty gash on his leg. He treated the wound with some ointment and before he applied it the tube went unsupervised. Weeks later what had started out as a large, but harmless wound just hadn't healed. Finally the young man decided it was time to give it a good look-over and when he removed the bandage from his thigh he gasped at the sight of hundreds of BABY COCKROACHES pouring out of his wound!  You see a cockroach had just happened to come along when no one was looking and laid it's eggs right on the top of the ointment. Talk about rotten luck…

EWW Factor: "Oh, please, I'll so anything you want. Just please make it stop!"

5. "If I only had a brain (without cockroaches inside of it)"
One evening a young student from New York was suddenly jostled in his bed by the a tremendous crunching sound, it quickly stopped and the young man uneasily drifted back to sleep. One minute later though the crunching noise came back and this time it was louder, almost deafening and it was accompanied by a horrible tingling in his inner ear. He knew immediately, a Roach had burrowed into his ear canal! But the story doesn't end there. No matter how he poked or prodded he couldn't get rid of it, so he made an emergency trip to the hospital. The doctor was able to get at the disgusting creature but he was only able to remove half of it's body at first. That didn't deter the roach. It's head still intact it continued to dig even further until finally it's whole body was flushed from this poor kids ear. Fortunately he was ok after the ordeal, but you can bet he probably sleeps with earplugs to this very day!

EWW Factor: "A high rise apartment in the heart of Barf City"

What's your grossest bug story?

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