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3 Things to Expect from the Season Finale of Avatar

3 Things to Expect from the Season Finale of Avatar

Does it have to end? Season 1 flew by faster than Appa on Redbull. You better believe the last episode has a lot of surprises in store. Here are the top 3 developments things to look for in this season’s swan song:

3) Three steps closer to Aman’s identity

The mystery of the season has gone by without much mention by the writers. This is not by mistake. They’ve allowed the hypotheses to fly, the pot to boil, and now they’re giving us a small taste of one delicious plot stew. Does this mean that we’re going to find out who he is for sure? No. But you can bet your pro-bending money that we’re going to get much, much closer.

2) Two more instances of spiritual enlightenment

Every single flashback has been a joy to watch. It was especially satisfying to see the writers project our previous generation’s heroes into older bodies. (Did anyone else laugh hysterically when Sokka went on that tongue-in-cheek monologue last episode?) But Korra still has a lot to discover about Aang’s past, and we will be delighted to at least two more flashbacks. And if the current progression is any indication, these flashbacks will be pretty substanstial.

1) One more major loss for the good guys

Even in this series’ infancy, Korra has already had to overcome many struggles. Yet it is possible to say that she has not yet had to feel the same level of self-sacrifice as Aang, who had to carry the burden of his entire people’s genocide. At some point in this finale, Korra will be faced with a great sacrifice. The development will most likely not be resolved by the end of the season, but it definitely give her the opportunity to grow—and give us even more reason to watch—when the new season starts.

It’s hard to tell what’s more painful: Waiting for this week’s hour-long episode to finally come, or having to live without new episodes once it’s done. It’s fair to say that some of us will be crying tears of “aanguish.” Before you grab that box of tissues, tell us what you’d like to see happen in this season finale! More love-triangles? More of Aang fighting? More of Aang fighting with fart bending? Leave it in the comments, and don’t forget to watch this Saturday, 11AM EST. Go team avatar!

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