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Breaking Bad Roundup

Breaking Bad Roundup

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It's been a long, torturously Breaking Bad-free eight months since last we checked in with Walter White and company in October's stellar season four finale "Face Off."  If you're anything like us here at the MindHut, that episode rocked your face off so hard it left you with no choice but to spend this long in-between-season gap obsessively trying to answer the age old question: how many times can I tell my friends and family to watch Breaking Bad?  Hypothesis: forty-eight.  Conclusion: infinity.

Well the long wait is almost over!  Breaking Bad season five premieres in a scant few weeks, and we've got a teaser trailer here to prove it.  Warning for those of you who aren't caught up, this doesn't spoil any plot points per se but it certainly reflects how much Walt has changed over the course of the series (I'd also be careful about looking up Breaking Bad promos in general, as there's another new trailer not posted here that features a MAJOR SEASON FOUR SPOILER).

Oh, Breaking Bad.  How we've missed you.

Are you excited for Breaking Bad's new season?

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