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True Blood Recap: Maker's Marks

True Blood Recap: Maker's Marks

This week’s episode of True Blood was like last week’s—slower-moving and designed to further set up the plotlines that will play out in what will assuredly be an action packed second half of the season (We hope). Here’s what happened this week:

The episode, which focused on the complex relationship(s) between vampire makers and their progeny, began with new vamp Tara. After learning how speed-healing works and indulging in the heightened sensory experience that comes with being a vampire, Tara smells a roadside stranger. Starving, she attacks, but when she sees her fanged reflection in the rear-view, she apologizes, horror stricken, and runs off.

In a moment reminiscent of season one, Sam smells a frightened Tara hiding outside and takes her into Merlotte’s, where she polishes off a few dozen bottles of Tru Blood. Tara tells Sam not to contact either Sookie or Lafayette, and he agrees, confused. He puts her in the walk-in cooler when daylight threatens. This was sweet because it was Sam’s first interesting scene in forever, and we like learning more about the complexities that go with being a newly made vamp through the eyes of Tara—even if we can’t get used to those fangs.

Back at Authority headquarters, Chris Meloni’s Roman worries about “ancient, pissed off psychopath” Russell. Bill vows to capture him, or die trying. Roman sends them all out and asks for the “new Nan Flannigan,” which is none other than...

Reverend Steve Newlin! Newlin, chosen for the position because of his connections, goes on an anti-human rant before Roman cuts him off. “It took me centuries to realize that humans aren’t just talking meat ... they’re our ancestors,” he tells the put-in-check reverend. Good lookin’ out, Roman, thanks! Roman seems genuine in his desire for a peaceful co-existence between humans and vampires. What we don’t know, though, are the intentions of fellow Authority member Salome.

Bill and Eric are forced to wear—and we’re not kidding—indestructible harnesses called ‘iStakes’ that are monitored and controlled via app. One wrong move, and a stake will pierce their hearts! Wow. The Authority doesn’t play.

Meanwhile, Sookie confronts a speed-texting Pam and asks for her to summon Tara. Pam is worried about Eric, not an immature vampire she didn’t want to create in the first place. After vampire push comes to fairy shove, Sook leaves and Pam reflects more on how she met her maker as Hoyt enters Fangtasia in guyliner and a fishnet shirt.

We get another fab flashback to 1905, where we find Eric pursuing Pam. Things are about to get romantic when they discover the two vampires who have been killing Pam’s employees—Bill and his psychotic maker Lorena. Eric puts a stop to their killing spree, and we learn that this is the first time he and Bill met. Bill, a young and unhinged vampire, is reckless and challenges Eric, who allows him to live but warns Lorena to keep her progeny in check.

Pam asks Eric if he will turn her—her future as a madam isn’t too promising. Eric refuses immediately. The commitment between maker and progeny is eternal—stronger than marriage and beyond human comprehension. "Then turn me and leave me," she tells him. That would be like tossing a “newborn baby in a gutter,” he says. So Pam slits her wrists, telling him he can turn her or watch her die. We all know what choice he made.

In beating dead horse plots, Terry and Arlene fight, dead wolf Debbie’s parents search for her, and Jason realizes AGAIN that he’s tired of womanizing when he runs into an old teacher he had inappropriate relations with. Across town, Jessica smells an “awesome” guy we assume is fairy, but he sprints off at first glimpse of her fangs, so she heads to Jason’s to continue their friends-with-benefits thing, but Jason rebuffs her, unsure about his feelings. Jess says they can hang and just be friends for the night.

At Authority headquarters, Salome seduces both Bill and Eric in an apparent attempt to tell if they’re trustworthy or not. Apparently, Eric’s sis Nora doesn’t warrant the seduction test—she gets tortured instead and confesses to save Eric. Salome tells Roman that Bill and Eric can be trusted before sleeping with HIM. Busy night.

Back at Merlotte’s, Sook and Lafayette find Tara, who freaks out and runs off again, but not before hinting at what they did to her. Alcide overhears and questions Sook, who confesses. He storms off. Inside, an angry Lafayette starts pouring bleach into his gumbo! He sees the reflection of a scary brujo in the mirror and stops himself—much like Tara did earlier—but his scary potential has been upped, and we’re excited to see how his and Tara’s newfound darkness plays out.

Speaking of Tara, the forlorn new vamp wanders into a tanning salon and hops into a bed in an apparent suicide attempt. The episode ends on Pam’s face, as she realizes what her abandoned progeny is up to!

What did you think of this week’s progeny / maker-themed episode?

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