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VIDEO: Play as Stan Lee in "The Amazing Spider-Man" Video Game

VIDEO: Play as Stan Lee in "The Amazing Spider-Man" Video Game

Like any video game based on a movie based on a comic, it's a naturally instinctive reaction that you'd want to steer clear of such blatant cash grabs—and, from our own personal experience, we support your decision. Knowing full well that Spider-Man alone won’t draw in gamers, Marvel and game publisher Activision have thrown in a neat little extra for those willing to pre-order a copy of The Amazing Spider-Man video game: the chance to play as every nerd girl and boy’s favorite comic book demigod, Stan Lee! Still not enough incentive for you? Well, true believer, after you watch this official demo video of the Generalissimo in action, you just might change your tune yet.

Yes, you just saw Stan Lee dive-bomb a bunch of crooks with all the lethal finesse of a bird of prey and follow it up by, most likely, breaking every single bone in their bodies—all of which is complemented by a steady stream of quips that would put ol’ Webhead to shame! And who knew that Stan Lee was so limber and had a vast repertoire of fighting styles at his disposal? His movements are so fluid you’d swear the game’s developers used motion capture technology or something.

Stan Lee and his mission to collect his wayward script pages across Manhattan will be an exclusive unlockable for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 video game systems and available only to those that pre-order The Amazing Spider-Man. Still, it’s a safe bet that some guy on a video game message board named “VenomNarutoRox” will be giving the code away the same day the game is released (which is tomorrow).

Will you be buying The Amazing Spider-Man video game?

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