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DC Comics Now Available on Nook

DC Comics Now Available on Nook

The comic book industry has taken huge leaps forward in recent years by making many of their most appealing titles available on digital download. Now, DC has taken this even a step further and made many of their most popular series (include many of the New 52 titles) available on the Nook.

"But what about the inticacies of the artwork," you are saying in to yourself. "Won't that be comprimised?"

Not at all! In fact, in some ways, the art will be even better than in the regular old print versions. The Nook will have a new downloadable function called Zoom View that allows the reader to focus on individual panels in comics and graphic novels. The Zoom View will be available on Nook Tablet and Nook Color.

In addition to new titles, some of DC and Veritgo's most popular older titles will be available for download as well like Watchmen, Sandman Volumes 1-10, V for Vendetta, and a ton of others.

Which do you prefer: print comics, or digital?

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