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VIDEOS: Game of Thrones Political Attack Ads

VIDEOS: Game of Thrones Political Attack Ads

With Game of Thrones officially on hiatus, we already find ourselves jonesing for more of our favorites from Westeros and beyond. Thankfully, others feel the same. The folks at have created three hilarious GOT political ads that dare to ask the question: what would happen if the characters vying for the Iron Throne were thrown into today’s political circus?

Would Robb’s family ties hurt him (A traitorous father... A brother who deserted the Wall he had sworn to protect)? Wouldn’t King Joffrey have to show his birth certificate since his parentage is in question and he is rumored to be the product of twincest? Would Daenerys Targaryen make the best leader despite the questionable company she keeps?

Dani is Wrong for Dragons and Wrong for the Realm:

Who is the "Real" King Joffrey:

Robb Stark is a Celebrity:

We’re not certain who would win the game of thrones in today’s political realm, but one thing is a near certainty: The cost of peat moss would be “through the thatched roof!”

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