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Benedict Cumberbatch and Johnny Lee Miller Star in "Frankenstein"

Benedict Cumberbatch and Johnny Lee Miller Star in "Frankenstein"

It's true! Cumberbatch and Miller are starring currently in a production of Mary Shelly's Frankenstein!

Both English pretty boys are treading the boards at Great Britain's National Theatre. The fact that Cumberbatch is once again playing a classic character from 19th century literature may seem noteworthy, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. While Cumberbatch plays the lead in the British Sherlock-Holmes-set-in-the-modern-world series, Jonny Lee Miller will, starting this fall, be playing the same character in the American version of the same thing, the CBS series, Elementary.

Confused yet? It gets worse. You may have noticed that we’ve been tactfully avoiding any mention of which of the two main characters in Frankenstein Cumberbatch and Miller play. That’s because they both play both, on alternating nights—Dr. Frankenstein one day, the creature the next.

So two British actors who both play the same character from 19th century literature in two different television shows (in two different countries) also play the same two characters from 19th century literature on the London stage, in the same play (but not at the same time).

At this stage, it’s not inconceivable that the two will eventually merge into one 19th century-character-super-actor (Bene-Lee Milbatch? Jonidict Cumbller?) The natural next step seems like it would be to put the two in a modern Jekyll and Hyde remake. Although, there have already been both British and American versions of that. In fact, the British one (Jekyll) was written by Sherlock creator Steven Moffat (Wow, that started out as a little 19th century literature joke, but now it feels like we’re farther down the rabbit hole!).

If you are currently tearing out your hair and cursing the gods for not living close enough to the city of London to see Frankenstein, first, you should calm down, because you are taking this WAY too hard; second, you should take heart, because the Cumberbatch/Miller Frankenstein is being broadcast in movie theaters throughout North America this summer. You can go to here to find out when it's playing in your area, and watch a cool promotional video.

What other classic literary characters would you like to see this duo take on?

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